Happy Meatballs Miso Soup

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So I just felt like whipping up something good, but I dare not experiment or cook something complex because, I haven't been cooking for so long and who knows my cooking skills might have deteriorated. Hence, I thought I should stick to something that won't go wrong - yes, you got it, its soup! I love making soup because you just need to chop everything up and throw it all it. Of course, there are certain things like tofu which you have to add last but other than that, its mostly fool proof ain't it?

Well, enough of talking. Here are the pictures!

I have wanted to get Shiitake mushroom but it wasn't available at my nearby supermarket so well, I had to replace it with Beech mushroom.

First, get all the ingredients ready.

Chop all of them up into smaller/bite-size...

Put all the ingredients into the pot (meatballs and crabmeat first, followed by mushroom, tomatoes and tofu to be exact). Then add miso paste and you are done!

AND... This is what you get! Happy Meatballs Miso Soup which takes less than 30mins to prepare, cook and to serve.

I hope you liked it, even though it isn't a beauty-related post. But one of the secrets to beauty actually starts from what you eat. So eat well, eat more veggies and vitamins to a glowing and more beautiful you! (:

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