Kosé Seikisho Mask White and Fancl Liquid Foundation

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wow, time flies! I cant believe that I have been working for almost a month already. At times I cannot fathom why am I not content when I have nice colleagues whom I can get along with and the fact that my workplace is pretty near my place (when I say near, its pretty subjective). Somehow, these few days I just felt something lacking. Probably I expected much more, or that my current job is a far cry from my dream job. Perhaps its due to the fact that I love challenges, or rather, I seek challenges. Hence, I find it very mundane and seek no satifiscation when there is no challenges.

I love blogging about beauty-related stuffs and reviewing beauty products. And I hope you girls love reading my beauty-related posts too! I would appreciate if you all leave me comments or suggestions for improvements so that I can make this blog more interesting. If you liked a post, feel free to share the post or what you have learnt with your friends. After all, that is my primary purpose of blogging about it.

So today's post would be on two Japanese brands, Kosé and Fancl. Enjoy!

Kosé Seikisho Mask White

I finally got my Kosé Seikisho Mask White yesterday from Metro Woodlands after so long. I had wanted to get it on several occasions. Imagine how tempted I was when I saw the advertisement on MyPaper which states that its retailing at 1-for-1. I had always thought that its $38 but to my amazement, it was only $35 upon payment. Imagine how surprised I was. Its like such a good deal! I was so excited and I tried it immediately when I reached home. Its really amazing, I saw a great decrease in blackheads and my face definitely looked much smoother and firmer. I say.. go for it! Its super cheap. Imagine my Tea Tree Mask from The Body Shop alone cost $20+, that goes the same for The Face Shop or even more expensive. If you do your maths, Kosé Mask White per tube is like $17.50. You could even share it with your closest girlfriend. I know some guys would be dying to get this as well. Well, at least I know one guy whom is interested in it after I raved about this product to him.

I have been on the lookout for a new foundation for quite some time (I have been very busy with work lately). I contemplated getting either Laneige, Shu Uemura, Clinique or even drugstore brands like Revlon (too bad they do not have the PhotoReady range in Singapore, if not I would have got it). No more Lancome for me because I am opting for a lighter coverage. And so I finally got my new foundation from Jurong Point after having lunch with my colleagues. Guess what? It wasn't even on my list of choices. So I got...

Fancl Liquid Foundation

Initially, I wanted to get this instead.

Fancl Milky Foundation

But the beauty advisor told me that the Milky Foundation has a more sticky texture and its much thicker. I do not know about you girls, but I absolutely hate thick foundation. Firstly, it will oxidize more resulting in your makeup looking a shade darker (trust me, even with high-end makeup brands). Secondly, it is more obvious when it turns cakey. Yucks. That is why you should choose a shade lighter than your normal so that it would be the right color after it oxizide. One tip which I think all you girls should know when applying liquid foundation is that wait for 3-5 minutes before applying loose powder to set the makeup so that your makeup will not look a shade darker than it should.

I used to love this Japanese brand so much. Why? Because its preservatives-free! Hence it would not be too harsh on the skin. How could I forget it? Well, I am putting the blame on cosmetics retailers whom bombard the entire market with massive and aggressive marketing tactics everywhere.

The two products which I used to buy frequently from this brand are:

1) Fancl washing powder

Basically, it is a cleanser. What I liked about it is that you only need a bit and it foams a lot. Its good for normal and combination skin.

2) Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

This is super good for removing waterproof mascara. Good for girls with normal to combination skin too as cleansing oil almost would cause breakouts on users with oily skin.

I just came back not long ago. Dinner was awesome. Sashimi, loads of soft shell crab sushi, hotate sushi, tofu, croquette, beef sukiyaki etc. No edamame because I got so sick of cooking and eating them at home. One of the reason why I love Japanese food so much is because of Wasabi. I cant get enough of it! Had a super long talk. Thanks for being there dude and cheering me up. (: And.. I got two new hair bands from Helen! YAYS! I love their hair accessories. So feminine and pretty. The only thing is that it costs above average.

There is something I do not understand. When I haven't started working full-time yet and still receiving allowance from my parents, I splurge on things and higher-end brands. Yet, when I start working full-time, I would think twice before getting anything and I mean it literally. I mean, I still buy a lot but the only difference is that - I feel the pinch. Perhaps that is a part in life which I have to go through, while growing up and being financially independent. The thought of it shudders me. I absolutely cannot imagine me handling bills, expenses especially up till now, my handphone bills are paid by my Mommy. I guess growing up comes with a price, which is - I would most probably be seeing my account full of debits due to expenses.

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