Saturday, January 30, 2010

I came across this phrase when I on my phone this morning which I thought was pretty interesting. FYI, I havent off my phone for quite sometime. It was off ytd because it ran out of battery.
Anyway, the phrase was, "Love lies betrayal."

I was trying to recall why did I even put that. Was even figuring out like what was it supposed to meant. Was it
1) Love, lies, betrayal
2) Loves lies betrayal
It shows how punctuation can change the entire meaning of a word.
I was so tired and sleepy today. I feel even more tired than yesterday. I will try to be a good girl and sleepy early. But how to sleep early when there is so many things to ponder over? Omg, I was suddenly reminded of this corny pick up line.

Guy: Are you very tired?
Girl: No, why?
Guy: Because you have been running through my mind all night.

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