My last day at U.S. Navy

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Self-made Thank-You cards, &Treats for everyone! I got the largest box of Ferreo Rocher!

Uncle Mark said that he would bring Agnes &me to lunch. Little did we know that he called almost the whole of FISC for my farewell lunch.

So we headed to Terror Club for lunch.

Deciding what to eat..

Taking our orders

While waiting for our food

Agnes &Me
She took care of me most during my tenture in U.S. Navy

Agnes, Uncle Mark &Me
(He claims that we are like his grand-daughters when his own daughter is barely 13)

Uncle Mark's Sandwich.
Its huge isnt it?

My Cheese Steak Sandwich
I ate half of the bread only to realised that the cheese was on the other. But I was already full ):

Aint that too early for Halloween, Angus?

The 3 Musketeers

All of us

All of us again!

&Uncle Mark made me give a farewell speech.

Look! He's behind bars!

Places that I walk through to get to work each day. Breath-taking, aint it?

Presenting to you, my desk! I've got so so so much space, drawers. I used to have one more movable drawer but I gave it to my Boss for there's nothing for his printer.

Me, Stoker O-ba &Agnes

O-ba knows how to speak 5 languages including Korean &Chinese! His Chinese is better than mine can? He has got a lovely Korean wife &a lovely &adorable baby! He taught me so many Korean phrases &Chinese Idioms can? He gave me Godiva Chocolates on my last day!

That's Nancy.

She's a really efficient worker. A very pleasant lady. She got me Victoria's Secret Body Lotion along with Evelyn.

And Kim, my team leader!

She has got a son, same age as me. &She teased me by showing me her son photo asking me if it fulfills my expectations. Damn lol!

Jacinta &Me
She's really skinny &pretty!

Me &Edah

Me &Doris Da Jie

Angus &Me
His hair is almost the same length as mine!

Last but not least, Agnes &me. I will definitely miss those times whereby we had lunch together at our super nice pantry, subway takeaways, chinatown trips in U.S. Navy (They do have a small Chinatown over there), as well as making tea together etc.

Adiós U.S. Navy!

After work, I met up with Maybelle Wong. Even though we stay just one street away, we never really had the time to meet up. So when we finally met up, we decided to have dinner at Dian Xiao Er.

We had their set dinner which consists of fish, bittergourd soup, duck and veggie with lime. The veggie, soup and duck was really good but forget about the fish though.

That's Maybelle
reading real hard at the menu.

Bittergourd soup
My favourite!

Veggie with lime

Herbal Duck
The sauce was really good!

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