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Tuesday, March 07, 2017


What are you most self-conscious about? For me, its my tummy. Having spent most of my teenage years being overweight, despite working out 1-3 weeks a week, I still can't get rid of my belly fat. You can imagine how I feel whenever I spot a nice bodycon dress because no matter how many russian twists or side crunches I do, my belly is still there. 

When I first heard about Zimmer 2nd generation of Cryo-lipolysis, combining Z Lipo and Z Wave Pro (Cryolipolysis & Shockwave), I knew I had to book myself an appointment immediately.

iCare Medical and Wellness Clinic is a short walk from Tiong Bahru MRT Station. Upon reaching the clinic, I was asked to sign an indemnity form. After which, my height and weight was recorded and my body measurements were taken.

Warning: The following pictures may be disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Below are images of my tummy fat (front view and side view).




Before the Z Lipo Treatment begins, freezing pads were placed on my tummy before the applicator is placed on the treatment area which in this case is my tummy. Within the first few minutes of the treatment, you will feel the suction of the applicators which in my opinion is very bearable compared to the last fat-freezing treatment that I did elsewhere previously. Dr Wu advised me to sit up rather than to lie down as sitting up allows more fats


After an hour, the applicators were removed. As I mentioned earlier in the post, I'm really glad that Zimmer Z Lipo didn't hurt or cause as much discomfort as the previous fat-freezing that I did previously at another clinic.


The treatment finished off with Dr Wu applying Z Wave Pro Shockwave therapy to reduce fat and contour the body as well as aid in cellulite treatment. Dr Wu told me that for Z Wave Pro Shockwave therapy, he must exert strength to press down the applicator and squeeze the fats in order for the fats to melt. I also found out from him that Z Wave Pro Shockwave therapy works in such a way that it helps with lymphatic drainage. 



After 1.5 weeks, my cellulite looked less obvious and my tummy felt and looked toner than before.

DSCF7971 copy

DSCF7996 copy

DSCF7994 copy

iCare Medical and Wellness Clinic 
Block 22 Havelock Road #01-701
Singapore 160022


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