How I Spent Christmas 2016

Saturday, December 31, 2016

floral garage diy christmas wreath

How did you spent your Christmas holidays? This year was pretty much of a DIY one for we DIY-ed our very own Christmas Wreath with the DIY Christmas Wreath Kit from Floral Garage Singapore and also baked cheese tarts for our cosy Christmas party!

To make the Christmas wreath look more 3D, we spread out the leaves before tying the golden wire around the wreath. Thereafter, we cut the bunch of Poinsettia flowers into individual stalk before tying it onto the wreath with the green craft wire provided. After which, we tied the pine cones onto the wreath before placing those Christmas balls ornaments and voila, we have completed our very own DIY Christmas wreath! It is now hanging in our hall and we liked how it adds festive feel to our home. 

floral garage diy christmas wreath (completed)

Even though every year we tell ourselves that there's no need to exchange Christmas present, but still, we ended up preparing a little gift for each other. 

floral garage diy christmas wreath

Hope you guys had an awesome Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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