Dejavu Keep Style Mascara review

Thursday, January 02, 2014

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What is it:

A film mascara, smudge-proof all day and comes off easily with warm water. Dejavu’s unique polymer formulation gives a long-lasting upward-curl hold.

- Keeps lashes curled upwards all day long
- Oil/water resistant and smudge-free
- washes off easily with warm water

Dejavu Keep Style Mascara's “Keep Style Brush” composed of both long and short hairs. The varied length brush catches plenty of film liquid, allowing it to bind firmly to eyelashes with just a single coating, brushing and coating lashes in one motion.

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Dejavu Keep Style Mascara wand

I admit I wasn't having high hopes on Dejavu Keep Style Mascara the first time I saw its natural bristles mascara wand as I have Asian (stick-straight) lashes and most of the time, only mascaras with plastic comb wand does the job. Plus, I'm so used to mascaras with plastic comb wands as I find them easier to control. 

Here's how my lashes look like after applying two coats of Dejavu Keep Style Mascara.

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I have been asked what do I mean when I say - two coats. First, I apply a coat of mascara on my eyelashes on the right eye, starting from the root of my lashes to the tip of my lashes and I repeat the same for my eyelashes on the left eye while waiting for the mascara on my eyelashes on the right eye to be semi-dry then I apply the second coat of mascara starting from 1/2 or 3/4 the length of my eyelashes to lengthen it.

In terms of scent, I would say that Dejavu Keep Style Mascara ain't exactly what you would describe as one with a nice scent. I can't really describe the scent but somewhat it reminds me of newly purchased oil pastels and graphite art pencils.

The formula of Dejavu Keep Style Mascara is more to the dry side which I like as it clings onto each of my lashes and separate them instead of clumping them up together. 

I also like how Dejavu Keep Style Mascara wand helps to make my eyelashes more curled after using an eyelash curler. However, as Dejavu Keep Style Mascara's wand is rather big and fat, I tend to get mascara on my upper eyelids during application especially when trying to get up close to the roots.

In terms of lengthening and voluming, Dejavu Keep Style Mascara does a good job in lengthening my lashes and provide slight volume

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Although Dejavu Keep Style Mascara doesn't smudge on me, I do experience mascara fall-out about twice throughout the day. I have to say that Dejavu Keep Style Mascara has got very good curling power. It holds my eyelashes up for the entire day!

A lot of girls skip mascara all together, reason being - removal is too tedious. Not to worry because Dejavu Keep Style Mascara is very easy to remove - just use tap water at room temperature and it washes out!  

Ending off with a picture of me wearing just Dejavu Keep Style Mascara, Dior BB cream and Clinique Chubby Stick

dejavu keep style mascara review (4)

Happy New Year lovelies! May it be a blessed year ahead for all of you.

I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading!


Price list:

Dejavu keep style mascara SGD $25.00  

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