Daiso Cepillo Facial Face Brush review

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

daiso face brush review
Daiso Cepillo Facial Face Brush

What is it:

Soft nylon brush that generate smooth foam. Deep cleansing the grease in the pores and exfoliates.

For people with sensitive skin, its not advisable to use more than once to prevent dry skin.

Use in the evening or once every 2-3 days. Do keep the brush clean and dry to prevent it from eroding or being mouldy.


Polystyrene, polypropylene and nylon

I went to Daiso Ion Orchard the other day wanting to pick up a new face wash net because my current one is wearing out. They didn't have the face wash net in store so I checked out the other random stuffs available and I ended up picking up Daiso Cepillo Facial Face Brush.

Although I know of electric face brushes like Clarisonic Mia, Olay Pro-X, Elishacoy 3D spin cleaner just to name a few, I never really jusitified spending that much on a face cleansing tool. I must admit that when I saw 小凯老师Xiao Kai Lao Shi recommending Clarisonic on  女人我最大 Nu Ren Wo Zui Da, I was a little tempted to get a face cleansing brush because the girls were raving on how soft it feels on the skin and how effective it cleanses. 

daiso face brush review 1

daiso face brush review 2
Daiso Cepillo Facial Face Brush (close up)

Let me share with you how I use my Daiso Cepillo Facial Face Brush.

First, I squeeze about a 20-cent coin size of my regular cleanser onto my palm.

daiso face brush review 3

Then, I work out a lather by running my Daiso Cepillo Facial Face Brush under the tap to make it a little damp before swirling it in circles.

daiso face brush review 4

See how much foam it creates! Its so fuss-free that I don't have to rub my palms together for a while before it works out a good lather!

After creating as much foam as desired, transfer the foam onto your face and cleanse your face with Daiso Cepillo Facial Face Brush in circular motions.

daiso face brush review 5
Me using Daiso Cepillo Facial Face Brush

 My thoughts:

I really like how gentle Daiso Cepillo Facial Face Brush felt on my skin. Plus, it helps me to work out a good lather with my cleanser. It doesn't irritate my skin or make my skin feel tight. I would recommend using this with your regular cleanser instead of face scrub as the latter might be too harsh on your skin.

Best of all, its really affordable (only SGD$2).

Daiso is my favourite shop to go whenever I'm in need of retail therapy, it gives me instant gratification without being guilty of overspending. Plus, I'm bound to discover interesting new practical stuffs each time I'm there.

Have you tried any face cleansing brushes be it whether its electric a not? Do share with me your experience with them and your awesome buys from Daiso that you think I definitely must check out.

I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading.


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