ViVi February 2012 Magazine Scans

Friday, January 20, 2012

I know I haven't been posting magazines for a while but I felt that I had to share the makeup looks and fashion trends that I spotted from the February issue of Vivi.

Here's some of my favourites from this issue.

You would see a lot of pastel or softer-colored makeup, paired with brighter coordinates to balance it out, so that the outfit and the makeup won't be both screaming for attention at the same time.

For hair - braids is still popular especially to create that bohemian or gyspy look. Soft curls are also spotted as shown in the picture above.

For the eye makeup - you would realised that it is kept to the minimum by either a thin line for eyeliner, or at the very most, thick eyeliner but eyeshadow is kept to neutral or not-so-obvious colors and definitely not smokey eyes.

The next page that caught my attention has got bags featured in them. I mean, how can a girl ever have too many bags?

Tell me that ain't just me drooling over some of the classic pieces as well as vintage luxury bags! My favourite among the lot would be the Ferrangmo bag (1st row, 1st column) as well as the Gucci tote (1st row, 4th column).

Love the pink and brown eyeshadow look with mascara instead of false eyelashes as it looks softer and more natural.

If you have realised, the pink hue for this year be it lip color, cheek color or even eyeshadow contains more blue (cool tone). Its more toned down, a less brighter version of pink compared to last year.

I think that the nude pink trend is likely to stay for a while this year.

I know this is a bag for dogs, puppies but I want it even though I don't have a dog because..

1) Its so pretty! I like it for its simplicity.
2) I like Lena and she's carrying it in this photoshoot.

And check out those engravings on the rings! They say things like, "Are you happy here with me?"

Chessy max I know, but I like. Why don't we have that over here in Singapore? ):

And we have got a sweet girly look that I think would be perfect for the weekends as well as a sexy look (which reminds me very much of Korean night makeup) that's ready to kill anytime which one could wear to dinners, special events or even maybe work (if your workplace ain't that conservative)!

Like I have mentioned earlier, this season is all about pastel and bright colors. I mean, that's what Spring/Summer is all about, ain't it?

Here's a couple of new makeup products for Spring/Summer 2012 as well as makeup trends.

Eyeing the Lancome nail polish in peach!

Check out the Ettusais Lip Essence in Snow White and Mickey packaging! Its so cute that I want one!

Saw that Too Cool For School, a Korean skincare and makeup brand has got a sponge that is similiar to Beauty Blender.

I also spotted A eyelash by Ayumi Hamasaki. Look what I found when I googled about A eyelash in Yahoo Japan?

It's the limited edition of A eyelash which has 2 pair of false eyelashes at 2940 Yen (SGD$48.47). The packaging is so nice! Love the pink leopard prints!

I hope that you like this post. Thanks for reading!


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