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Saturday, November 12, 2011

About Elicina

Elicina is hypo-allergenic and its ingredients are bio compatible, with little risk of sensitive or allergic reaction. It has not undergone the harsh chemical and physical processing typically used to produce protein supplements. Hence it is an ideal solution for those looking for a natural anti-ageing product.

Skin ages because collagen and elastin - components in the skin's support structure - start to break down. This degeneration is caused by free radicals and ultra violet light and causes the skin to sag and wrinkle. Collagen and Elastin production and cell turnover slows with age and the skin also becomes drier as it is less efficient at moisture retention. Ingredients contained within the natural snail secretion are helpful in reducing the signs of aging.

Elicina includes vitamins vital for repair and protection of the human skin.

Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask

elicina xtreme facial mask

What is it:

Elicina Xtreme Snail-Plantain is a hydro-nutritive and exfoliant mask that diminishes the signs of facial aging and delays its progression in an intensive treatment of only 10 minutes a week.

It works like a natural and intensive cocktail that exfoliates, decongests, regenerates and nurtures your tissues helping your skin to recover its elasticity and firmness leaving it rejuvenated and soft.

The Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask pampers skin by providing noble nutrients obtained in natural form from the extract of the snail and plantain combined, such as: Alantoin, Collagen, Elastin, Proteins, Glycolic Acid, Aucubin and Vitamins B1 and C

My thoughts:

Even before receiving the press samples from Elicina, I have seen and heard ravings about it from my friends on Facebook or WOM. But you know, as a beauty blogger, I can be quite cynical at times in the sense that I don't usually trust reviews or any other product reviews until/unless I have tried it out myself. And then again, the price of Elicina's products aren't exactly what I would call pocket-friendly, especially for students whom survive on a fixed monthly allowance like me.

Another concern that I had was that Elicina's products contain snail extract. Initially, I was rather put off by the sound of that. Can you imagine, snail extract on my face? That just sounds so horrifying!

Before I share my experience with Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask, here's how it looks like when squeezed out of the tube.

elicina facial mask swatch

Basically, you just spread it out evenly (as shown in the picture below) on your face. The picture below shows how it looks like when spread out evenly.

elicina facial mask swatch 1

I was rather skeptical of this product initially so I tried it out on my Mom first. She's all game to be my guinea pig when it comes to trying out new products. Thumbs up for having a Mom like that! I ended the usual weekly facial(s) that I give her by applying Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask and I was sold when I saw her skin becoming smoother, brightened and her skin wasn't that dry anymore. Plus, she told me that she realized that her age spots looked as though as they have faded a little.

Feeling intrigued by what Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask have done for my Mom, I can't help but to try it on myself!

After applying the facial mask, I felt a bit of warming sensation which I believe is for detox purposes. The smell is actually quite bearable, in fact rather pleasant, contrary to what I thought. Upon washing off the mask after 10 minutes, I felt that my skin became smoother and brighten! In fact, my skin was so smooth that I couldn't stop touching it.

Overall, I think that its a great product. Its not your usual facial mask that would crack on your face when it dries. But I definitely think that it benefits mature skin more than it does for youthful skin. I'm saying this because my Mom has dry skin and of course wrinkles but after using Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask, her skin doesn't look that dry anymore and it did reduce the appearance of her wrinkles slightly.

Rating: ★★★★★

Repurchase: Yes/Maybe/No

Yes if I'm buying for my Mom and maybe if I'm getting it for myself.

Apart from Elicina Xtreme Facial Mask, I also received Elicina Eye Contour Cream XT. However, as I have syringoma, my dermatologist advised me not to use eye cream so I won't be able to review this. I have passed this to my Mom and I would probably update her thoughts on it once she have tried it out.

Here's some information on Elicina Eye Cream.

Elicina Eye Contour Cream XT

What is it:

Elicina XT Eye Contour Cream Snail-Plantain brings a new level of treatment for the most delicate facial skin with its double potency in regeneration, peeling and elasticity.

This high quality product does not only regenerate and rejuvenates the skin; it also delays the aging process because its combined extracts produce a natural peeling and stimulation through the production of Collagen.

Elicina XT diminishes and softens wrinkles, lines of expressions and delays aging signs. Thanks to these two extracts combined that contain in its natural form: Allantoin, Collagen, Elastin, Proteins, Glycolic Acid, Aucubin and Vitamins B1 and C.

Festive season promotion:

Elicina Plus and Elicina Facial Mask at $75 (U.P. $ 108)

Available at:

1. Renaza Centre, 151 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068609
2. Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab, 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for review purposes.

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