BodiBra: Boom Bra and Fat Banishing Vest

Friday, November 18, 2011


What is it:

BoomBoomBra was created because the founder, Mrs. Ma want to reach out to consumers globally. This resulted in the birth of the online consultation lingerie store, BoomBoomBra that provides functional lingerie at affordable prices.

BodiBra has been serving women since 1989 under the name "My Heart Lingerie". In 2003, the brand name was changed to "BodiBra" to give consumers a refreshing experience. Our founder Mrs. Ma, has been providing knowledge of functional lingerie for over 35 years with retail shops in Canada, Hong Kong and China.

The picture below shows how wearing the right lingerie can do for you.


The video below has got more information as it gives a more comprehensive explanation as well as demonstrations on how you should wear BodiBra as well as what Bodibra can do for you.

I received these products about 2 months ago but I wanted to try and observe the effects for a longer period of time so as to give a better recount of my experience with BodiBra. Hence, that explains why this post is only up now.

The bra that I received was a simple design - black with lace.


Initially, I was kinda skeptical about the sizing of the bra as I thought, "How can one possibly get their size right without trying on personally?" But to my amazement, it fitted me perfectly! All I did was to let Bodibra know my measurements and the normal size that I wear. I am usually a 75B, but I could fit into Bodibra's 34/75D that they sent me!


As you can see from the picture above, unlike most bras, BodiBra has got 3 hooks instead of the usual 2 and the strap is also thicker, this is to provide more support.

I know that paddings is of a major concern to most ladies, but fret not because BodiBra's paddings are removable.

bodibra 2

bodibra 3

Apart from the bra itself, I also received a vest. At first, I thought that the vest is to further enhance the assets, then I realised that it also has got other purposes such as preventing me from sloughing and making my back slimmer.

Unlike the bra, the vest has got 2 hooks only.

Here's a picture as to how one should wear both the Boom Bra and Fat Banishing Vest.

bodibra 4

When I first tried out Bodibra, I realized that my arms appeared thicker. FYI, I am rather conscious of my arms hence I rarely wear sleeveless tops. So I went ahead and emailed the Marketing Officer of BodiBra, Cerise whom told me that it is normal. She explained that it is because when worn, BodiBra makes the chest look bigger and the back thinner, therefore, it would create an illusion that the arms becomes fatter. She also advised that if I were to push the back fats towards the front, my arms would look thinner. I tried it out the second time and true enough, it did work.

Also, I did experience a bit of aching, especially on my shoulder when I wear BodiBra for the entire day. Cerise did advise me to try not to let the straps of the the bra and vest overlap each other if not it would cause extra pressure. She also pointed out that the bottom rim of the vest shouldn't be clasped too tight and that it should be under the cups of the bra.

Guess what's the function of the vest? Initially, I thought that it was only to eliminate the fats at the back but that's not all! It also helps to stabilize BodiBra so that the boobs would stay in place and enhance centering the bust line. But the best part of it is that it actually stop me from slouching. I always have this bad habit of slouching or not standing up straight and the vest reduced it because if I don't stand upright, my back would feel uncomfortable. I think this is also one of the reason why my back felt sore after wearing it the entire day because my back was upright for the whole day! Honestly speaking, this is one of the reason why I am so satisfied with Bodibra.

A lot of my girlfriends like to ask me why do I mostly cover up my assets or why don't I wear V-neck or tube dresses often, my answer would always be because I'm pretty conservative. Well, actually apart from being conservative, another reason why I don't wear them often enough is because... no matter what kind of bra that I have tried before, it doesn't give me the cleavage that I want!

I will show you what I mean, just look at the picture below.


I don't even have the slightest cleavage! Or maybe a little at most and the gap in between my assets are like so wide.

In terms of price wise, BodiBra is more affordable than other brands of body shaping bra in the market.

Here's a picture of me wearing BodiBra, you can see that it really helps to enhance my 'assets' and I finally have cleavage!

I was a little hesitant about posting the picture above initially because I thought it would be a little offensive. But I really did want to show you girls the effects of what BodiBra can do for you. Do rest assure that SweetestSins will not turn into a blog filled with pictures showing cleavage or boobs.

To find out more, check out BodiBra Facebook page and 'like' them now!

Disclaimer: Products were sent to me for consideration by BodiBra.

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