Face of the day (FOTD): Korean Eye Makeup

Monday, April 04, 2011

By now you should know how immersed I am with the culture of Korea, be it food, clothing, makeup or Korean dramas (think Dream High)!

Anyway what captivates me most is that even though Korean girls mostly have monolids, they are still able to play up their eyes with eye shadows or eyeliner, thus making it attractive.

Have you all noticed that Korean girls would normally draw their eyeliner or apply their eyeshadow in an elongated way to make their eyes appear longer instead of the Japanese whom would try and achieve dolly big eyes instead?

Here is my attempt on a Korean-inspired eye makeup look.

*Apologies for the harsh flash for I took this picture at night. My face ain't that ghastly white in case you were wondering.

Guess what? I merely used a pencil eyeliner along with brown and cream shimmery eyeshadow to achieve it. It is a really easy and quick look.

I like how this type of eye makeup makes my eye look bigger even without using double eyelid tape. Yays!

Here are some close-up shots of my eye makeup look.

I'm really liking those grey circle lens which I wore for this FOTD. They are Freshkon Alluring Eyes in Magnetic Grey. I think that they give my eyes a soft look unlike the usual blacks ones that I wear which gives a more defined look. I got them recently at such a steal! It was only like $80 for 4 pairs? I remembered paying more than that when I got them previously. It retails for like $38 per pair elsewhere. However, I could only play around with 2 colors because both of my eyes have different degrees. ):

Upon seeing the close-up shots of my eye makeup, I realised that my eye bags are getting from bad to worse. I ought to get more sleep and use more eye masks to get rid of those ugly eye bags!

I hope you girls like this post! If you have any questions, just leave a comment in my Formspring or Cbox. (:


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