The face behind Lime Crime Makeup

Friday, September 03, 2010

I was first drawn to Lime Crime Makeup because of its bold bright colors (think blue lipstick) and the fact that it uses unicorn for its packaging which is oh so girly.

Lime Crime Makeup is by "Unicorn Queen", Doe Deere whom couldn't find makeup bright enough for her tastes, so she teamed up with a group of chemists to create makeup "so bright, it's illegal"!

Check out the lovely range of lipsticks and eyeshadows. It makes me really tempted to order some online! Is anyone interested? I might open a spree for it.

This has got to be my favourite look! Love the smokey eyes and bold red lips!

And what is the most amazing thing about Doe Deere?

It has got to be her place. Its really amazing. Very magical, fairytale-like. I love the usage of bold colors. Very creative I would say! Check out the video now and you will know what I mean. ;)

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