DIY Foot Spa

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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Say yes to happy feet! I'm not referring to the animation by George Miller, but rather our feet. Ever wonder how we fret over our face (skin care and make up) while we totally forget about these hardworking fellows which holds our entire body weight?

I believe in giving my feet a special treat every week or so, because they deserve it especially after a whole week of wearing heels and pumps (no slippers on work days for I cannot possibly wear one to work).

You might ask, why DIY when you can lay back and relax and have someone to do it for you? Well, I only went for a pedicure ONCE, which is so much lesser compared to the manicures that I have been to. Yes, pedicures are truly pampering but I feel that it is so demeaning for the pedicurist and I vowed that I would never ever do it again. Another thing is that by DIY-ing, I am able to do it at my own convenience which means I need not rush or book appointments! Lastly, I would be able to feel a sense of accomplishment. I feel that it is very important to spend some alone time each week. For instance, I would set a few hours once a week just to pamper myself with a DIY facial and foot spa.

To get things started, soak your feet in a large basin of warm water and add a few drops of Lavender Essence.

I use Bel Air Lavender Essence, but you can use any brands/essence. I chose Lavender because of its calming and relaxing properties.

Next, dry your feet and scrub away the dead skin with File A Foot from The Body Shop.

After doing so, your feet should feel much softer then before. To make it even smoother, squeeze about a 50-cent coin size of foot scrub and scrub your feet.

I'm using this Japanese Bath Aroma Sea Salt Scrub. But you can use any foot scrub and it should work the same.

You now have happy feet! Enjoy!

Remember, there are no ugly women, there are only lazy ones.

I hope you liked this post.

** I finally added 'follow my blog' widget to my blog using html! Follow my blog now!

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