Saturday, February 27, 2010

Second day at it &I'm so not motivated. I dont know but its really hard to fit in. Imagine chinese speaking + chinese culture + chinese emo songs at full blast from 9-6pm. I just hope that either it would be better or that I can find another opportunity.

Been thinking about what I want to do in future. I dont know. Results are not out yet. Everything is dangling here and there but one thing for sure which I realised today is - I finally know what my heart desires after meeting an old friend today. The truth is - I have no more thoughts about him, I dont know but somehow I just dont feel anything for him at all. I dont know but somehow I feel that I am freed. Dont wanna consider any relationships in the meantime because I kinda lost faith in them, unless someone can make me regain faith again. Friends have been asking me to accept new guys in my life but somehow, I dont think its the right time yet because I dont want to break any more hearts and I mean theirs and mine in the meanwhile. Also, I am giving myself an opportunity to explore new things, spend more time with my dearest family and friends.

I miss Him. I miss Him giving me the direction whenever I need it. I miss Him on telling me the purpose of life and I miss His teachings.

I always count my blessings to make myself feel better when I'm down. It really helps. (:

Thank God for always being there. A part of my life, not apart from my life.

See how much of a difference these two words are?

A part

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