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Thursday, August 04, 2016

indulgence beautykorean aqua spiral therapy before and after

Prior to Indulgence Beauty, I was never the regular facial go-er as I was skeptical of how extractions, if done poorly would leave scars behind.

Now, I look forward to my monthly facials with Indulgence Beauty as how I would look forward to body massages because it is a relaxing and pampering experience!

My facial therapist, Cody began by double cleansing my face, followed by applying A5 Solution and using a spiral tip to do exfoliation to remove sebum and dead skin before doing extractions for me. After which, she applied A0 solution to hydrate my skin before applying soft mask. The Aqua Spiral Therapy Treatment ended off with a therapeutic shoulder massage which helps to soothe the senses.

I like how my skin feels softer and how my skin look brighter after Aqua Spiral Therapy Treatment. Plus, the redness is very minimal that I can travel back home via public transport barefaced.

indulgence beauty facial review (2)

Ever since I started working, I had these tiny bumps on my forehead which wouldn't go away. Thanks to the regular facial treatments and Cody's care, they are kept under control.

Here's a recent picture of me taken on my significant other's birthday with just BB cushion as my base makeup.

indulgence beauty facial review

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