5 Bath Essentials for a DIY Spa

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

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I haven't met someone whom doesn't like a long, hot bubble bath. To me, there's nothing better than having the luxury of taking a long, hot bubble bath for it says nothing but bliss as it allows me to take time out to decompress and unwind in some relaxing me-time amidst everyday chaos. Today, I will be sharing with you my 5 bathing essentials that I use to create a relaxing bath experience at home!

Honey Bee Bath Bomb

honey bee bath bomb

honey bee bath bomb review

What is it:

A good soak in a Honey Bee bath will soothe and cleanse the skin thanks to its wonder trio of honey, aloe vera, and rhassoul mud, a clay mined near Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.

Honey is a wonder ingredient that soothes, retains moisture and is antiseptic and plenty of cooling aloe vera is added too.

Rhassoul mud has natural cleansing properties and also helps condition and soften the skin.

My thoughts:

Honey Bee Bath Bomb has a lovely mild honey and caramel scent which isn't overbearing. I like how it makes my skin feel smoother and softer after usage.

Yuzu Bubbleroon

Yuzu Bubbleroon

lushyuzu and cocoa moisturizing shower gel yuzu bubbleroon review

What is it:

Macaroon-shaped bar that contains moisturising Fair Trade, Organic cocoa butter and shea butter, Yuzu And Cocoa has a mood-brightening colour and scent thanks to a blend of citrus oils, with a chocolatey undertone.

My thoughts:

Unlike regular bath bombs, bubbleroon will last you through two baths. They are easily separated into two pieces.

Compared to Honey Bee Bath Bomb, Yuzu Bubbleroon produces more bubbles which makes the bath feel more luxurious. I like the orange, cocoa scent of Yuzu Bubbleroon which smells gorgeous. In terms of moisturizing power, I think Yuzu Bubbleroon fares better than Honey Bee Bath Bomb.

Honey I Washed The Kids

honey i washed the kids soap bar
What is it:

Honey I Washed the Kids is one of the best-selling soaps with sweet caramel fragrance. Gentle, buttery and scrumptious. The honey water and aloe have softening and moisturizing properties that can be used by the entire family.

My thoughts:

Honey I Washed The Kids is my all-time favourite product from Lush and I have repurchased it so many times!

Prior to my first time trying out Honey I Washed The Kids after getting it from Lush The Venetian Macau, I wasn't a fan of soap bars back then but I was sold immediately after. 

When applied onto wet skin, it lathers up to be rather creamy and doesn't dry my skin out.

Plus, I love the honey and vanilla scent, its so heavenly!

Yuzu and Cocoa Moisturizing Shower Cream

yuzu and cocoa moisturizing shower gel

What is it:

Citrusy fresh yuzu juice blended with reassuring cocoa and tonka absolutes for a shower that smells like chocolate oranges.

My thoughts:

Yuzu and Cocoa Moisturizing Shower Cream smells very tropical with coconut and slight hint of cocoa and citrus. It reminds me of Yuzu bubbleroon. Don't be put off by its yellow hue, it leaves my skin well-moisturized after showering with it.

Godiva Shampoo Bar

Godiva shampoo bar
What is it:

Cleans and conditions hair with moisturizing nut oils and shea butter. These butters and oils care for dry, processed locks and leave you with glossy, shiny, and softened tresses.

Long-used as a tonic for the hair and scalp, jasmine also perfumes your locks with an ultra-sexy fragrance with serious staying power.

My thoughts:

Godiva has a strong jasmine fragrance to it. Personally, its quite a novelty experience to shampoo my hair using a shampoo bar. I would have thought that it would leave my locks feeling dry after shampooing but it didn't! It makes my hair softer and look more volumious and shinier thereafter! For best results, follow up with your regular conditioner.

What are some of your bath essentials? Do share them with me for I'd love to know!

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