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Friday, June 12, 2015

histolab water max

Korean Skin Science Specialist, Histolab is now in Singapore! The brand is used by specialists in dematologic and cosmetic clinics.
Histolab's Water Max series helps to provide the first line of defense for the skin by reducing evaporation, restoring cellular function and offers intensive care to maintain well-balanced skin by enforcing immune system against environmental hazards and increasing skin's hydration with Histostemcell, Betain, B-glucan and hyaluronic acid. The line consists of Histolab Water-Max Foam Cleanser, Histolab Water-Max Infusion Mist, Histolab Water-Max Hydrating Moisturizer and Histolab Water-Max Hydrating Cream.

I have been using Histolab Water-Max products on a daily basis for 2 weeks and here's my thoughts on them.

histolab water max foam cleanser
Water-Max Foam Cleanser
What is it:

Gel type foam cleanser designed to wash away make up, dirt and excess oil and unclog pores with a light, silky foam from natural ingredients. Refreshes skin with rapid moisture provision.

My thoughts:

Histolab Water-Max Foam Cleanser is a gel-type foam cleanser. I like how it is versatile that I can use it alone to remove my makeup or to double cleanse my face after cleansing my makeup with milk cleanser. It helps to cleanse off my base makeup really well. On days that I put on eye makeup, I usually follow with my regular cleansing water to cleanse off my eye makeup completely.

In the mornings, I would use Histolab Water-Max Foam Cleanser to cleanse my face. I like how it refreshing it is and how it doesn't make my skin feel tight after cleansing. 

Be careful not to let it get into your eyes as it can sting quite a bit.   

histolab water max hydrating mist
Water-Max Infusion Mist
What is it:

Ultra lightweight mist designed to hydrate and help maintain skin's water-oil balance with Hyaluronic Acid.

My thoughts:
Histolab Water-Max Infusion Mist feels very gentle on the skin. Since last year, my skin became rather sensitive and I couldn't use any other products apart from those that are for sensitive skin specifically. Apart from the regular toner for sensitive skin that I have been using, Histolab Water-Max Infusion Mist is another toner that I can use without worrying that it would cause redness or rashes.

It comes in a spray nozzle which I can spray onto my face before patting the goodness in which is very convenient on days that I do not want to pat the toner onto my face with a cotton square.
histolab water max hydrating moisturizer
Water-Max Hydrating Moisturizer

What is it:

Natural essence specially designed to restore skin's moisture and skin's firmness. Effective in enhancing the appearance of health and vitality to the skin with Histo plan stem cell and Portulaca Oleracea Extract by reconstruct skin cell and high-grade moisturizing.

My thoughts:
Histolab Water-Max Hydrating Moisturizer has got to be my favourite product of the Water-Max series. This gel type moisturizer is moisturizing, non-sticky and I can wear it underneath my base makeup without worrying that it would result in blotchiness.

I apply Histolab Water-Max Hydrating Moisturizer twice a day, once in the morning prior to applying base makeup and at night, followed by Histolab Water-Max Hydrating Cream for maximum hydration.

histolab water max hydrating cream
Water-Max Hydrating Cream
What is it:

Advanced hydrating cream with optimal efficacy on skin moisture and oil balance. Forms natural external layers of the skin defense by reducing evaporation of skin moisture and oil. Restores cellular function against external harmful hazards and UV rays.

My thoughts:
Don't be put off by its name. Even though it says Hydrating Cream, the texture of Histolab Water-Max Hydrating Cream is akin to gel moisturizers except that it is slightly thicker. I like how it doesn't feel too heavy when applied on the skin unlike the regular cream moisturizers which tends to be too rich for me.

I usually apply Histolab Water-Max Hydrating Cream after applying Histolab Water-Max Hydrating Moisturizer at night to lock the moisture in.

Histolab is available at HKCplaza Korea Skin Aesthetic.

HKCplaza Korea Skin Aesthetic
1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza

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