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Saturday, May 02, 2015

le spa review

Located at Chun Tin road amidst of popular supper spots, one is unlikely to miss Le Spa as you head to your favourite supper place from the carpark. 

I used to frequent Chun Tin road after school to satisfy my Indian food craving. They have got the best prata, murtabak and mee goreng in the area! Just a few months ago, my significant other and I went there for supper. The Teochew porridge that he brought me to was quite good!

I visited Le Spa on a Saturday about 11am. It was rather quiet and it appears that I was the only customer then. 

singapore massage reviews

le spa chun tin road review

le spa massage review

It appears that it was their non-peak hours and they took this opportunity to do some housekeeping.

I was then brought into the massage room to change before the massage session begins.

good massage singapore

My therapist was very attentive to my needs. She kept making sure that the room temperature was okay, that I don't feel too warm or cold. Also, she made sure that I was comfortable with the pressure that she was exerting on me. She would ask if I wanted her to go lighter or exert more strength on me.

I like how she started off by wiping my feet with a warm towel before starting to work her magic on the back of my body. She started from my lower calves up to my back followed by my shoulders. After which, she proceeded to work on the front of my body starting from my lower calves up to my shoulders and my head before ending it with a few knocks on my back.

Would I revisit Le Spa again? While the massage at Le Spa was not too bad, I must say that I have had better (more relaxing) massages elsewhere both within Singapore as well as overseas.


Le Spa
16A Chun Tin Road 
(Upper Bukit Timah Road) 
Sinapore 599603 

Telephone: 6222 6803

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