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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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Cult brand, Yum Gourmet Skincare from Vancouver, Canada is now available at Beaute by Kew. This organic skincare line uses fresh and natural ingredients such as juices, oils, herbs and pulps that are meticulously harvested, handcrafted and processed to draw the most significant skin health benefits.

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My facialist of the day is May whom I have been acquainted to during my previous visits to Beaute by Kew. Did I mention how awesome her massages are? I have been to so many facial salons but I think her shoulder and back massages are the best compared to other salons where they just simply give a few hard knocks and get it over and done with.
Even though I have combination skin, my skin has been rather dry lately. I blame that on my massive intake of coffee and tea. I know I ought to cut down on my coffee and tea intake but they keep me going at work! I told May about my concern and she said that the dry patch of my skin is actually dead skin resulting from not enough exfoliation.
Whenever it comes to facials, one thing that I am super afraid of is extractions. Even though I don't really have pimples, but I have got clogged pores as well as syringomas which beauty therapists will definitely try to remove them for me during a facial. I like that I can trust May to remove them without much pain and that it won't leave a scar behind.  
Yum Skincare is very gentle on my skin. I could tell by how it doesn't sting even on areas where my skin is peeling. The after-facial redness is very minimal that I went to my cousin's 21st birthday celebration at The Fullerton Hotel straight after my facial session.
Here's how I look two days after the facial with just sunblock on after the scabs have fallen off.

beaute by kew yum skincare review 
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Another new brand that Beaute by Kew brought in recently is none other than Black Chicken Remedies.

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After the pampering session I had at Beaute by Kew, I headed over to Ji Xiang Confectionary, a  mere few shops down from Beaute by Kew to get some traditional ang ku kueh. Word has it that they have got the best ang ku kueh in town! I appreciate that they have got some rather unique flavours such as corn, yam and coconut apart from the usual peanut and green bean paste.

Beaute by Kew2 Everton Park 
Singapore 081002

Opening hours: 
Mon - Fri 11am - 8pm
Sat 10am - 7pm
Closed on Sunday & PH

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