Sylvia Skin Atelier facial review

Sunday, December 07, 2014

sylvia skin atelier facial review

Situated at East Coast Road and diagonally opposite I12 Katong lies Sylvia Skin Atelier - a beauty salon which specializes in facial and slimming treatments. 

Last Friday, I dropped by Sylvia Skin Atelier to check out what they had to offer. Did I mention that next to Sylvia Skin Atelier is Ninethirty by awfullychocolate, followed by a trail of indie eateries down the street?

Upon entering Sylvia Skin Atelier, this was the sight that greeted me!

sylvia skin atelier facial review blog

Coffee-lovers, you would probably be quick enough to spot the Nepresso machine next to Maneki-neko 招き猫. 


The brands which Sylvia Skin Atelier use for their treatments include Exuviance, Decleor, Gatineau, Payot and Institut Esthederm.


After filling up a form to state my skin concerns, my therapist of the day brought me to the treatment room. As with any other facials, I was asked to change into the tube robe provided.  


My beauty therapist began by analyzing my skin and I was told that she would do a treatment which targets specifically at blackheads and pores. First, my beauty therapist double cleansed my face to remove all traces of makeup and to prep my skin for the chemical peel. The smell of the cleanser reminds me so much of prunes! 

I was told that the chemical peel my beauty therapist did for me is 20%, a tad lower than the usual 30% as my skin is a little on the dry side that day. After which, she did extractions for me. Pain-wise, I think it was rather tolerable. After which, she followed up with a minty masque which helps to soothe the redness on my face.

Here's the entire range of Exuviance products.

Purifying cleansing gel, soothing toning lotion, toning neck cream, night renewal hydragel, purifying clay masque, sheer refining fluid SPF 35, blemish treatment gel

I was served lemongrass tea after my facial and my beauty therapist passed me some samples of Exuviance products to try. It was also then that I realised that Exuviance is by Neostrata! Coincidentally, my current cleanser is Neostrata Facial Cleanser!


Here's a mandatory before and after picture.


After the facial, my skin looked brighter and feel smoother especially after the extractions. I like how the facial doesn't leave my face super red and that I can go for dinner right after with my bare-face without having to apply any base makeup. I tend to go without base makeup (but just sunblock) for a couple of days after a facial. Not sure about you but as I grow older, I always think less is more when it comes to makeup! I believe in having good skin over makeup.

Sylvia Skin Atelier
131 East Coast Road
Singapore 428816
6344 7333

Opening hours:

Mondays to Fridays
10.30am to 8.30pm
Sundays and Public Holidays
10.30am to 6.30pm
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