Qi Mantra Miracle Facial review

Friday, November 14, 2014

qi mantra wheelock place
Qi Mantra Wheelock Place

Qi Mantra's latest facial offering - Qi Mantra Miracle Facial incorporates the latest VPL technology and Miracle Cell product.

The combination of the two helps in the awakening of the skin cells while stimulating the growth of collagen. Miracle cells are derived from Soy phyto placenta extract which is rich in protein and amino acids that aids in the repairing process of the skin and restores the youthful collagen while reducing signs of ageing.
I was over at Qi Mantra Wheelock Place to check out what the Qi Mantra Miracle Facial had to offer personally.
qi mantra price list
Qi Mantra menu
Upon entering Qi Mantra, I was greeted and identified by their staff even without me uttering a single word!

qi mantra review
Qi Mantra oils

qi mantra miracle facial

I was led into the facial room by my therapist of the day and asked to change into a tube robe.
qi mantra miracle facial review
Qi Mantra Miracle Facial comprises of 14 steps -

Step 1: Inhalation – Opening of Meridian point using Lavender oil before proceeding to acupressure point head massage.

Step 2: Cleaning – SCO Purifying cleanser -1 (remove make up) / SCO Purifying cleanser -2 (double cleanse)

Step3: Toner – To balance PH level, even out pores and infuse vitamins and minerals

Step 4: Exfoliation – SCO refining face scrub (with steamer)

Step 5: VPL application

Step 6: Extraction – Apply a layer of Saponaria Linaria cream (black head softener cream) to prepare skin for extraction.

Step 7: Toner – Soothing & antiseptic purpose.

Step 8: Application of STEM CELL AMPOULES – followed by acupressure pointmassage on face.


Step 10: Shoulder massage

Step 11: Scalp massage

Step 12: Remove mask- Hot compress on face

Step 13: Apply toner and moisturizer on face

Step 14: Hot towel on the back – Clean off the massage oil on the back.
My thoughts:

The Qi Mantra Miracle Facial was so relaxing that I dozed off. I particularly like the massages - head, scalp and back given during the facial. Extractions were kept minimal and didn't hurt.
While chatting with my facial therapist, I got to know that Qi Mantra is actually a sister company of Strip!
qi mantra miracle facial after
My bare face after Qi Mantra Miracle Facial
After the facial, my skin was glowing and it looked much clearer and firmer! The best of all? There wasn't any redness!

Price list
Qi Mantra Miracle Facial $350 (90mins)

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