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Monday, August 11, 2014

Marina South Curry House @ 100AM review (1)

True to its name, Marina South Curry House serves different types of curry - yellow, red, green which we got to sample during the media food tasting session.

If you are into old school Chinese decor like I am, you will appreciate the way the interior of Marina South Curry House is dressed up.

Marina South Curry House @ 100AM review (2)

These metal Chinese plates reminds me of Grandma making glutinous rice balls during various Chinese festive seasons. She would roll the dough into perfection and place them one by one onto the metal plates.

When the server came by our table to ask what we would like for drinks, I was taken by surprise when I heard her recommending, 'Buah Long Long'.

Marina South Curry House @ 100AM review (3)
Buah Long Long Drink, $3.90

For those of you whom are unfamiliar with Buah Long Long, it is a sour yet refreshing juice that is rather hard to find in Singapore today. This explains why I was surprised to know Marina South Curry House serves it. I first came to know about this drink at this hilltop eatery, more fondly known to the locals as zi char store near my Grandpa's place. Despite the texture of the drink being not smooth and all, I quite like it as it aids digestion. My cousin, Elvin took a sip and he described it as akin to drinking sand and that he is better off drinking his lime juice. 

One of the reason why I brought Elvin along for this food-tasting is because he is a big fan of curry - till the extent of drinking the curry!

Marina South Curry House @ 100AM review (4)
Red Curry Chicken, $8.90

If you don't mind a little numbing sensation in your throat, I think this is worth a try. The strong coconut milk in it and the tender chicken is bound to win you over. We felt that its a tad too salty though. But then again, it could be just us as our Moms practice low-sodium diet.

Apart from that, Marina South Curry House serves yellow and green curry. In terms of spiciness, the green curry is the least spicy, followed by the red and the yellow curry being the most spicy of the three. We found that they all taste a tad salty and is a little numbing on the throat thereafter.

Marina South Curry House @ 100AM review (5)
Yellow and green curry

Marina South Curry House @ 100AM review (6)
Signature Claypot Fish Head Bee Hoon, $18.90

Marina South Curry House @ 100AM review (7)

Served in a claypot to retain the full flavour of the broth and accentuate the taste, Marina South Curry House's Head Chef Gan personally cooks Signature Claypot Fish Head Bee Hoon to ensure quality. Fresh sea bass is used, the no milk broth is simmered for over 6 hours with thinly sliced ginger. You will be pleased to know that no MSG is used.

I quite like the sweet taste of Marina South Curry House Signature Claypot Fish Head Bee Hoon's broth but Elvin preferred if they added some milk to it. To make up for that, at least the fish used in this dish is quite fresh.

The next dish, Salted Egg Chicken Wings is easily one of our favourite from Marina South Curry House. It was both our first time trying Salted Egg Chicken Wings so we had no idea what to expect. I mean, we have tried salted egg prawns, salted egg crab but salted egg chicken wings? Its our first but definitely not our last!

Marina South Curry House @ 100AM review (8)
Salted Egg Chicken Wings, $12.90

According to Elvin, the wings are a tad oily but the salted egg helps to reduce the oiliness. The taste of the salted egg chicken wings is best described as when savoury meets sweetness. While we really like this dish, Elvin thought that it could be even better if the chicken wings were left to marinate for a longer period of time for the flavour to set in. If you were to ask me what is a must-order at Marina South Curry House, I would definitely recommend the salted egg chicken wings.   

Last but not least, we had Luohan Chye.

Marina South Curry House @ 100AM review (9)
Luohan Chye, $9.90

A combination of Luohan tofu, taupok, mushroom and small bok choy. Despite being tofu lovers, this dish failed to impress us as we had high hopes on the tofu but it was pretty meh.

Would I visit Marina South Curry House again on a separate occasion? Well, I guess I would if I'm around the area for some Buah Long Long drink and Salted Egg Chicken Wings and maybe some Claypot Fish Head Bee Hoon. But if you were to ask me to head there specifically for a meal, I don't think I would.

Marina South Curry House
100 Tras Street #03-14
Amara Shopping Centre
Singapore 079027

Operating hours:
11.30am - 4pm
5pm - 9.30pm

Contact no.: 6694 8108
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