Orbis Petit Shake review

Monday, July 28, 2014

orbis diet petit shake

Orbis Petit Shakes are nutritious meal replacement shake that contains 10 types of vitamins, iron and a water-soluble dietary fiber.

To enjoy it, simply mix with milk and a creamy texture forms naturally when the calcium in milk and pectin in the product blend.


- Empty sachet into cup
- Add 100ml of cold milk
- Blend well till thickened


- Do not replace more than 1 meal a day.
- Not recommended to be taken as a meal replacement for pregnant or lactating women.
- Avoid consumption of product if allergic to ingredients stated.
- Consume product as soon as possible after opening.
- Texture and taste may differ when mixed when processed milk or soy milk.

orbis diet petit shake flavours

fairprice unsweetened fresh soya milk marigold 100% fresh milk marigold yoghurt drink natural

My thoughts:

The first time I tried Orbis Petit Shake, I added unsweetened soya milk to it and it tasted quite off. When my colleague took a sniff of it, he went like, "God gave you teeth for a reason." I found that when I pair Orbis Petit Shake with soya milk, it makes me really thirsty. Thus, I tried pairing Orbis Petit Shake with fresh milk and boy I tell you, it makes the shakes so much better tasting and I don't feel thirsty after having it. Apart from pairing Orbis Petit Shake with soya milk and fresh milk, I tried pairing it with yoghurt drink too. Of the three, I still prefer the taste of Orbis Petit Shake when paired with fresh milk. 

I think Orbis Petit Shake is very convenient especially on days when I don't have time to go out for lunch. A pack of Orbis Petit Shake with milk typically keeps me full till about 4-5pm. 

If you were to ask me what is my favourite flavour among the four, I say.. its Mango and Yogurt & Pink Grapefruit!

Have you tried any form of meal replacement before? Which is your favourite? Let me know by commenting below. 

Price list:

Orbis Petit Shake SGD 8.90

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