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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

lush aesthetics fat freezing 1

A week ago, I went for a fat freezing session over at Lush Aesthetics located at Tanglin Shopping Centre. For those of you whom are following me on Instagram, you would probably have seen a not-so-flattering picture of my humongous thigh.

lush aesthetics fat freezing 2

What is fat freezing?

Fat Freezing improves body contour through the application of cooling plates on desired areas. The plates are pressed against the selected body area for about an hour with minimal to no discomfort. The area is cooled to a temperature that kills fat cells while leaving other tissues (skin, blood vessels and nerves) unharmed.

Fat Freezing uses this science to destroy fatty tissue while putting the body's metabolism to work. Research has shown that cold temperatures can reduce the thickness of the fat layer without having any adverse effects on other types of cells. The body then naturally digests and our immune system will then remove the dead fat cells, and within a few weeks the patient is enjoying her new body contour.

Effects are visible after 2 months and at its best 3 months after the treatment and continue to improve into 6 months.

It is a safe and easy way to achieve fat reduction with noticeable results by improving your body shape without any needles, incisions, anesthesia or side effects. You can even resume normal activities with no difficulties.

My thoughts:

lush aesthetics fat freezing 3

Before the fat freezing process takes place, my aesthetican placed a piece of membrane on my skin which resembled facial mask sheets, except that it is larger in size. The membrane sheet felt a little cold initially. I was told that the membrane sheet acts as a barrier between the machine and the skin to reduce discomfort.

lush aesthetics fat freezing 4
Fat freezing in progress

When the fat freezing machine is on, my aesthetican held the area to be 'freezed' which is my inner thigh in this case up to the machine and voila!, I saw my fats sucked up by the machine. During the initial part where my fats were sucked up by the machine, it was a little uncomfortable and I felt that my inner thigh aching. After a while, it got better and I didn't feel much.

As I had to bend my leg about 45 degrees during the fat freezing process, my aesthetican was very nice in making sure that I felt comfortable by wrapping a towel around the suction area and putting a travel pillow around for additional support.

lush aesthetics fat freezing 5

I had the suction on for about 50 minutes for each side of my thigh. During the session, I could feel differing pressure of the suction and my inner thigh felt like it was aching a little but not much discomfort. In fact, I was even catching up on my latest K-drama fixation - The Hotel King. I love Ah Mo Ne and Cha Jae Wan. They look so cute together! Song Chae Kyung's figure is to die for and I love her fashion sense. There's this timeless elegance that she exudes.

lush aesthetics fat freezing 6

Removing the suction wasn't exactly what you would call a pleasant experience for it felt rather sore especially when the aesthetician massaged the area.

As you can tell from the picture above, fat freezing does leave behind a red patch along with a bit of bruising. It usually go away after 3-4 days though it would be more visible the following day after the treatment. I was told by my aesthetician that some individuals may experience blistering apart from bruising. Thank goodness I did not experience blistering!

Contrary to other slimming treatments which I have done before that mostly requires heat, fat freezing feels cooling as the treatment is done at about 1°C. After the treatment was done, my inner thighs felr cold to the touch.

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