BRAND'S World Cup Football Screening Spain vs Netherlands

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brands game on kick off party world cup football screening st james club deluxe

Last Saturday, while most of you non-football fans are snuggling up in bed, I stayed up till 5am to catch FIFA World Cup 2014 Spain vs Netherlands over at St James Power Station, Club Deluxe. Who would have thought that Netherlands would champ Spain with a 5-1? It was my first time at a football screening party, thanks to the BRAND'S team for having me over!

brands game on kick off party (10)
Team Spain vs Team Holland
brands game on kick off party (9)
BRAND'S Mocktails

What's a football screening party without food and drinks? That night, we had special mocktails which contain either BRAND'S Essence of Chicken, Innershine Berry Essence or Innershine Rubycollagen.

Guess who were our hosts for the night?

muttons on the move at brands game on kick off party
Justin Ang and Veron A

Its Justin and Veron from 987fm popular radio show, Muttons on the Move!

There were a lot of football-related props around. In fact, too cute that it would be a shame not to take pictures with!  

Being a football fan and Netherlands supporter, Si Ling couldn't resist but to ask me to snap a picture of her with the football-shaped balloon.

brands game on kick off party (1)

Who says football screening is all about shouting, "Goal!" or "Foul"? Girls being girls, no matter where we are, we do what we are best at - #selfie!

brands game on kick off party (11)
#selfie with Si Ling

Check out these very adorable World Cup / Football-themed cupcakes!

brands game on kick off party (5)

brands game on kick off party (6)

brands game on kick off party (7)

There I am smiling as though as I won the lottery. Apparently, Justin was asking me how does BRAND's Essence of Chicken maintains its freshness despite having no added preservatives.

brands game on kick off party muttons on the move

The answer is BRAND'S Essence of Chicken is made from premium quality chicken that goes through a double boiling process, sealed with BRAND'S Triple Safety Cap that consist of 3 safety features - the pop-up mechanism, the safety button and the 'pop' sound when it first opened and the drop down Safety Band Guard.

As age catches up with me, I find it hard to pull an all-nighter given that I go to bed at 12 plus the latest. You might be wondering how exactly did I managed to stay awake throughout the match from 3am - 5am and be at my friend's church wedding at 10.30am.

Well, the answer is - BRAND'S Essence of Chicken which helps to reduce mental fatigue, improve mental concentration.

brands game on kick off party (8)

If you were to ask me, my fondest memory of BRAND'S Essence of Chicken would be during my exam period. I remember Mummy and Grandpa stocking them up by the dozens and they would prepare one by soaking it in a cup of hot water for me each day before I head to school for my exams.

Do share with me your BRAND'S story for I would love to hear from you! 

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