My Contact Lens Journey

Saturday, June 07, 2014

first started wearing glasses

I became short-sighted when I was in Primary School. I thought nothing much of it and I remember being very excited because that meant that I could wear glasses! Back then, I have always envied my classmates whom wore glasses because its like a fashion statement. Everyone whom was short-sighted flaunted either a Bobdog or Snoopy spectacle frame.

It didn't occur to me how inconvenient glasses would be until I was in Secondary school when I was actively involved in my CCA, Red Cross which meant physical training and footdrill sessions.

As I didn't want to deal with my glasses sliding down my nose or having to adjust it and put it into place during training sessions, I decided that I would visit my regular optometrist for a contact lenses fitting session  when I was 15. I still remember sitting in the optical shop for a good 30 minutes before I managed to wear the leness. After that, the optometrist spent time explaining to me on how to take care of my contact lenses. 

I started off wearing contact lenses for astigmatism as I have got astigmatism. Normal contact lens would work for me in the day but when it got to the night, I would see rays coming out from any light source which blurred my vision.

Over the years, I tried various types of contact lens with the most popular being circle lens.

circle lenses
Circle lens

Aside from that, I also tried contact lenses for extended wear which provides me with the comfort even though I had them on for a good 15 hours!

at work

Personally, I think contact lenses for extended wear is ideal for working adults like me as we work long hours and some days after work, we have got various activities planned out such as work gatherings, events or even meet up with friends just to name a few. These would meant staying out longer which would then result in dry eyes. Contact lenses for extended wear, made with hydrogel and water helps to combat dryness by making eyes breathable and moist.

What's your favourite type of contact lenses? Do share with me as I would love to hear from you!

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