3 ways to enjoy Yakult Maroyaka Kale

Thursday, May 15, 2014

yakult maroyaka kale (2)

As lifestyles get busier, eating out frequently becomes a norm especially for working adults like myself or while traveling resulting in not consuming enough greens.

With Yakult Maroyaka Kale, there's no reason not to have your greens daily. 

Available in convenient sachets, Yakult Maroyaka Kale is soluble in cold water or milk.

yakult maroyaka kale

About Yakult Maroyaka Kale

Kale is one of the healthiest vegetables. Considered an original species of cabbage and broccoli, It is high in calcium and contains B-carotene. Its primary nutrients include vitamin B6, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, magnesium and chlorophyll. Health enthusiasts usually use it to blend smoothies 

Kale leaves are harvested in the morning and transferred to the nearby Yakult Health Foods factory to be squeezed on same day for freshness.

There are different ways to enjoy Yakult Maroyaka Kale, you can add it to almost everything - from water to milk or even Yakult drink itself!

1) Mix Yakult Maroyaka Kale into Yakult drink

yakult maroyaka kale with yakult

1) Mix Yakult Maroyaka Kale into fresh milk

yakult maroyaka kale with milk

3) Mix Yakult Maroyaka Kale into water

Yakult Maroyaka Kale with water

My thoughts:

To me, Yakult Maroyaka Kale taste like broccoli juice. Personally, I like it with just water as I am a fan of broccoli and I usually have it in my salad or even as a side dish. Depending on your tolerance for broccoli, I recommend having Yakult Maroyaka Kale with either milk or Yakult drink. 

If you were to ask me, Yakult Maroyaka Kale when mixed with just water is very strong in flavour, followed by milk and lastly, Yakult drink. So for people whom cannot stand the smell of broccoli but wish to enjoy Yakult Maroyaka Kale, I suggest that you try it with a Yakult drink as the glucose and fructose in it makes it taste better.

I was also invited to Yakult Health Food launch held at Chinatown Point, Singapore by AT Marketing Consultancy.

 yakult maroyaka kale price

yakult health food launch

yakult health food launch (2)

Apart from Yakult Maroyaka Kale, Yakult Health Foods also carries products such as Watashi No Aojiru (Young Barley Leaves), Glucosamine, Supplism Collagen, Royal Jelly, Coenzyme Q10, Blueberry Lutein, Calcium + Magnesium, DHA + EPA and Supplism Multiple Vitamin & Minerals.

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yakult health food launch (4)

yakult health food launch (3)

Price list: 

Yakult Maroyaka Kale $79.90 (Introductory price till 30 Sep) U.P. $119.90

For more information, visit abeilledor.sg or their Facebook page.

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