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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

nailz treats bedok mall gellyfit review

Although this is not my first time getting my nails done at Nailz Treats, I must say that I never fail to get wowed by something new each time I'm there for they always stock the latest OPI collection and this time round, they brought in GellyFit, a gel nail polish by Sizuka Korea.

I was told by my manicurist of the day, Jocelyn from Nailz Treats Bedok Mall that GellyFit is known for its beautiful array of bright cheery colors.

When my pedicurist of the day, Pinky from Nailz Treats Bedok Mall presented me with GellyFit gel polish swatch wheel to choose a color for my pedicure, I was spoilt for choice. I had a hard time deciding on just one color. I only managed to narrow down my choice to the orange, classic red and pink in the middle of the picture below.

nailz treats bedok mall gellyfit manicure pedicure review (1)

When I told Pinky that I couldn't make up my mind on which color to go for, she held the nail wheel up against my toes to let me gauge how the color look like on me. Classic red looks very normal while the pink and orange made my feet look darker (as if I'm not dark enough already!). I was telling Pinky that although I really like the orange because its so 3CE (#sorapark), it makes my feet so dark. And she showed me CA912, a neon coral which I fell in love with immediately.  

gellyfit color gel ca912
Gellyfit CA912
I like the fact that Gellyfit CA912 is very pleasing to the eyes despite being a neon color. Did I mention that bright neons are all the rage in Korea now?

Pardon me, but I must digress a little. Don't you think that the packaging of Gellyfit bottles are so kawaii and sweet-looking? I love the bow that shows the color of the gel polish!

Here's how Gellyfit CA912 look like on me. Pardon my unsightly toes caused by wearing heels on a daily basis.

nailz treats bedok mall gellyfit pedicure review

I was commenting that my toes look really ugly and the girls over at Nailz Treats were telling me not to wear heels that often. But then again, my legs are not long to begin with so if I don't wear heels, my legs will appear as short and stumpy. #firstworldpains #girlsareiamvainlikethat

Moving on to my Gellyfit manicure, as Mummy and I enjoy browsing through pretty nail art hence we always take a screenshot of them. You never know when you need some nailspiration!

korean nail art ideas

These definitely come in handy because all I need to do was to take out my phone and show Jocelyn these pictures when she asked me what kind of designs I prefer. Afterall, a picture speak a thousand words, no?

As Gellyfit is known for its syrup color collection which enables multi-color layered nail art, Jocelyn suggested bright-colored gradient nails, something different from my Gelish nails done at Nailz Treats previously.

Mod Chanel Quilted Nail Art

bridal nails singapore (6)
Watercolor Galaxy Bow Nail Art

When Jocelyn mentioned bright colors, neon orange and pink came to my mind immediately. You could say that I'm very much inspired by 3CE as they usually feature bold makeup looks using bright colors such as neon orange and pink.

Upon knowing my taste and preferences, this is what Jocelyn came up with! I opted for round nails this time instead of the usual square nails because change is only constant. I like how round nails makes my nails look longer! 

nailz treats bedok mall gellyfit nail art review
My neon rainbow gradient Gellyfit nails with aztec prints

I specifically requested for the diamond, cross, peace sign nail art and left the rest in her hands knowing that I can trust her. I mean, she's the pro here!

To top it off, Jocelyn added fleur de lis and cross chrome heart ornaments to further prettify my nails! 

nailz treats bedok mall gellyfit manicure nail art review
Close-up of my Gellyfit manicure at Nailz Treats Bedok Mall

nailz treats bedok mall gellyfit manicure nail art
Close-up of my Gellyfit manicure at Nailz Treats Bedok Mall

Similiar to the previous occasions when I had my nails done over at Nailz Treats, I received a lot of compliments on this set of Gellyfit nails both online and offline from colleagues, friends as well as fellow bloggers. Within a day of posting on Instagram, it received 52 likes! Quite a number of my colleagues said that they wanted the exact same design! I think Jocelyn will be very proud of her creation!

Here's a picture with the super friendly Jocelyn whom is my manicurist for the day. She is the face behind my Neon Rainbow Aztec Print Gellyfit nails.

singapore beauty blogger patricia tee with jocelyn nailz treats bedok mall
with Jocelyn from Nailz Treats Bedok Mall

We had so much fun talking about the latest Korean drama, My Love from the Star. Jocelyn was telling me that her boyfriend is too, hooked on this series. Totally love Do Min Joon (Kim Soo Hyun) and Cheong Song Yi (Jeon Ji Hyeon). Jeon Ji Hyeon hasn't lost her appeal since My Sassy Girl. She's tall, she's slim, she's elegant, she's pretty - I think she's everything a girl wants to be. I love how she manage to carry off bright lipsticks off very well. It wasn't until My Love from the Star that got me hooked on Kim Soo Hyun. #girlfan While everyone were going gaga over him when he played Song Sam Dong in Dream High, I had my eyes on Jin Guk, played by Taecyeon from 2PM. 

After my nails were done, I took the chance to tour Nailz Treats Bedok Mall to check out its latest offering.

For Gellyfit, Nailz Treats Bedok Mall stocks two shelves worth of colors! 


gellyfit review

For those whom prefer nail polish over gel polish, you will be glad to know that Nailz Treats Bedok Mall stocks the latest OPI collections. 

nailz treats bedok mall gellyfit manicure pedicure review (5)
OPI Spring 2014 Spotlight on Glitter Collection


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