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Monday, April 21, 2014

lady m mille crepes and latte review singapore

When I heard that Lady M arrived on our shores, I knew I had to check it out sometime just to try its signature cake, Lady M Mille Crepes famous worldwide.

Since I had some time to spare after running some errands and I was in the vicinity of Marina Square, I headed to Lady M with a quest in mind - to try Mille Crepes cake. 

lady m mille crepes and latte review


I was there about 3 plus, the first in queue and a server brought me into Lady M cafe. I appreciate the fact that he asked if I had any preferred seats. Upon ushering me to a seat, I was told that there were some new cakes available that weren't shown on the menu. Although I already know what I want, I asked the server what he would recommend and he recommended the Mille Crepe upon knowing that it is my 1st visit to Lady M. 

If not for the fact that he asked if I wanted any drinks, I would have missed them out from the menu because I was so focused on the cakes! Considering the fact that I haven't had my daily cuppa fix, I ordered a latte hoping that it would give me a quick boost. 

Lady M Marina Square was probably half-full when I was there. I was glancing down at my phone every now and then to check for updates from various social media sites to pass time while waiting for my order to be served. They say a hungry man is an angry man. I wasn't that hungry to begin with but there was no sight of my order after 5 minutes of placing my order, not even my latte. After 10 minutes, I was interrupted by, "Hi Ma'am, your latte" while I was replying to some emails.

lady m latte
Latte, $5++

I almost wanted to take a quick sip of the latte when the server brought it over but I discarded the thought immediately as I wanted to take a group shot of the signature Lady M Mille Crepes with my latte. #thingsthatbloggersdo #相机食先

I didn't finish the latte as it wasn't that great to begin with. It was so bitter that I had to add half a cube of sugar to neutralize the taste. If you know me, I don't like my coffee with sugar and I try to steer clear of sugar whenever I can. Plus, the aftertaste tasted rather acidic instead of leaving a smooth aftertaste like how the regular lattes I have from Starbucks and Costa Coffee do.

I waited for another 5 minutes before my Mille Crepes was served by another server. That makes it a total of 15 minutes for my order to be served after placing my order.

lady m mille crepes review
Mille crepes, $8++

Each crepe layer is very thin, lesser than 1mm. I wonder how they make it so thin! I tried making a crepe cake once and its not easy I tell you. 

As the layers are made with paper-thin crepes, it is easy to pierce through the layers with a fork without the layers falling apart. When I had the first bite of Lady M Mille Crepes, I thought that it is best described as sweet and at the same time, exuding the fragrant taste of caramelized sugar which I believe is because the top of Lady M Mille Crepes is caramelized.

I like how the pastry cream in between the crepe layers practically melts in your mouth and how it is light enough not to make me feel sick of it (jelak)


After you are done with your food, you got to proceed to the cashier located just next to where the cakes and pastries are to make payment. Just let them know which is your table and they will bill you accordingly. I could only point in the direction of my table to let the cashier know where I was seated and she was like, "Oh, Table 1." The thoughts that filled me at that point of time were how exactly did patrons would come to know about their table no. when its not stated or communicated anywhere?

The total bill came up to $15.30 after 10% service charge and 7% GST.


The overall experience at Lady M Marina Square was a pleasant one, especially when its my first visit.

Service was generally good, though I felt that the waiting time could be reduced. One thing that I don't really get is the idea of having servers to usher patrons into Lady M, taking their orders but yet payment is to be made at the cashier in person. I would rather have it all or none at all, meaning - having servers take my order and bringing the bill to me or self-ordering and payment at the cashier. 

Having said that, would I visit Lady M again? Well, definitely anytime for some Lady M Mille Crepes. 

Lady M Singapore outlets

Lady M Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square
Singapore 039594

Lady M Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road 
Singapore 049213

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