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Sunday, April 27, 2014

&made review

On Tuesday, I met up with my bestie, Carissa after work. You know, the thing about me and my girlfriends is that we love our desserts, not deserts though (pun intended). You see, that's the thing I love about English. Its such a beautiful language, you could play around with just an additional letter and it changes the meaning totally.

We settled for &MADE at Pacific Plaza after checking Becasse Bakery at Ion Orchard because we felt that the latter was a tad too open for us to have HTHT and to laugh ourselves silly.

&MADE is the first restaurant concept by 3 Michelin Star Chef Bruno Menard in Singapore and they are known for their Hot Caramel Lava Cake.

We were there at about 6 plus in the evening, close to 7pm and &MADE was rather empty. There were only 2 other tables occupied apart from us. I like how the server brought us to a corner table instead of squeezing us in between the other diners. Thumbs up on that! The table setting and utensils over at &MADE reminds me very much of Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill except that the former is more brightly lit.

&made menu
&Made menu

After checking out the menu, we settled for The 3 Little Pigs and Hot Caramel Lava Cake to share.

&made the 3 little pigs
3 Little Pigs, $23++

When the 3 Little Pigs burger was served, we gasped at the generous serving. Thank God we only ordered one to share.  

&Made burgers are all served with shoestring fries, you can choose from either original/smoked/garlic&vinegar or truffle (+$3) and &Made BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce is so so so good. We kept guessing what was it because it tasted so familiar until I couldn't take it anymore and I asked the server what was it. Turns out that it is BBQ sauce. Its very different from the usual BBQ sauce though. 

The black sesame bun was grilled to a slight crisp on the outside while it remains soft in the inside. Its my first time trying a handmade pork patty burger and I like how the pork patty in 3 Little Pigs burger (pork fillet, bacon & chorizo patty, spicy yuzu-kosho mayonnaise, shibazuke, shitake & white cabbage with a flavourful roasted sesame dressing) is juicy and flavorful yet it doesn't overwhelm the original meat flavor.  

&made the 3 little pigs review

I love how it is served with Japanese pickle (shibazuke) for I am a fan of them. The cabbage adds interesting texture to the burger. 

Girls, if you are heading there with your girlfriends, I recommend to share a burger among 2 as the burger is really huge.

After we were done with our burger, the server brought us our lava cake while another server followed behind with our cutlery. After placing down the spoon and fork for us, the server held on to the knife which puzzled us for a while before he proceeded to cut through our caramel lava cake and said, "Caramel lava cake, enjoy!"

&made hot caramel lava cake
Hot Caramel Lava cake, $15++

Of course, we took the opportunity to take as many photos of the hot caramel lava cake before tucking in. Carissa was like, "Aww... we could have taken an instavideo if we knew that he was going to cut it".

Served with caramel ice cream with waffle biscuit crumbs, it was like caramel paradise for us. Despite the overload of caramel goodness, it didn't make us feel sick of it. It was sweet enough to raise our endorphins and bring a smile to our faces but not till the extent of wanting to reach out for the glass of water on our right. I like how the caramel lava cake is moist and served with waffle biscuit crumbs and ice cream to give it a nice extra texture. 

We almost wanted to order another hot caramel lava cake as we agreed that one isn't enough for the both of us! 

Would I visit &Made by Bruno Menard again? You bet I will just for the Hot Caramel Lava cake as well as to try out the other burgers! 

9 Scotts Road
Pacific Plaza
Singapore 228210

6690 7566


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