Cocopiel: T.Top Tattoo Black Circle Lens review

Thursday, September 12, 2013

cocopiel review (1)

The kind folks over at Cocopiel sent me a package a while back. Cocopiel is an online retailer based in Korea and they have an array of merchandise ranging from circle lens, accessories, false lashes, wig etc everything that makes a girl pretty, if not prettier.

I don't know about you girls but I am not blessed with huge eyes unlike some or rather most of you lucky girls, so apart from makeup, I can only count on circle lens to make my eyes look bigger.

I remember I first started wearing circle lens back when I was in Poly and since then.. there's no turning back. I have tried circle lens from various brands and let's just say that bigger doesn't always mean better. I guess it applies to everything else, you really have to try it for yourself to determine what suits you and what doesn't.

Personally, I prefer lens that are about 14-14.2mm as they look more natural and I don't look weird in them even if I don't put on mascara or paste double eyelid tape. Having said that, its not that I don't like lens that are 14.5mm in diameter. I don't deny that it is pretty and it makes my eyes look wow! which you can see from my display picture on the sidebar of my blog. Surprising, 14.5mm circle lens ain't drying and that particular brand that I bought felt quite comfortable throughout the day. Its just that if I don't paste double eyelid sticker and put on mascara, you won't be able to see much of white in my eyes and I think it looks a little weird or even to the extent of looking a tad freaky.

For your convenience and reference, I have done up a table below that shows the diameter of circle lens from brands that I have tried just in case anyone needs something to refer to before getting circle lens.

Misaki 14mm
Freshkon Alluring Eyes 14.2mm
Acuvue Define 12.5-12.8mm
Geo Princess Mimi 14.5mm
Maxi Eyes 14mm
Cocopiel 14mm

Before I start getting all hyped up about sharing my experience with circle lens and digress from the main focus of this post again, let me share with you girls the circle lens that I'm wearing currently.

It is from Cocopiel and its called Tattoo Black.

cocopiel review (2)

cocopiel review (3)

 cocopiel contact lens review
cocopiel contact lens review (2)

My thoughts:

Although the swirls can't really be seen when worn, I still like how it looks on me because T.Top-Tattoo Black makes my eyes look so anime-like! I'm not sure if you can see, but somehow when I wear T.Top-Tattoo Black, there's like a white ring in between the black center and outer black ring, similiar to the effect where you use ring light to take photos.

Plus, it makes my eyes look more vivid or 有神 in Chinese. In case you didn't realised, I only had double eyelid tape and mascara on when I took the pictures above.

As always, its not recommended to wear contact lens for more than 8-10 hours. I normally take them off the first thing when I reach home.

Did you spot the scrunchie I had on my side ponytail? Its from Cocopiel as well! I haven't used a scrunchie since my Primary or Secondary School days prior to this.

I was playing around with my hair while taking photos for this blog post, that explains why I had my fringe pinned up in one photo and let down in the other. Tell me which do you prefer - fringe up or fringe down? I would love to know!
I hope you like this post and stay pretty dollies!


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