Yoga & Wine at Space & Light Studios

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Last Friday, I headed over to Space & Light Studios over at Tanglin Road right after work for Yoga. I have done beginner level Yoga previously and I love Yoga because it helps to stretch your muscles, improves your posture and most importantly - alleviate stress. Of all, I think the most beneficial part about Yoga is that it helps to improve my posture - I don't slouch as much now!

Our friendly instructors for the day! Look at them - all smiles!

All of the participants listening to the instructor attentively

It was more of a cardio Yoga session that we had. We did various positions like the plank, burpee and even handstand! The instructors are really attentive in the sense that they go around the class making sure that we were doing it right and correct our posture if we aren't. 

Handstand demonstration

The handstand is pretty cool, no? I was quite skeptical initially but then I thought why not give it a try. Turns out that I was able to do my very first handstand (aided of course)! Still lamenting over the fact that it wasn't captured on camera, oh wells.

After about an hour of yoga practice, we popped by next door to grab some wine (I had white and red) as well as some snacks (of which I love the tempeh the most)! This ain't surprising because I love sambal tempeh! I might try cooking tempeh with a dash of honey in the oven next time for a healthier option.
Here's one to the Streetdirectory family


Ending the post with a few pictures taken at Space & Light Studios
Balance, balance and balance.

With the owners, Lynn and Su Mei

Reaching for the wine


Thank you Streetdirectory for the invitation and Space & Light Studios for having me over for Yoga. It was certainly a good workout session.

Space & Light Studios Pte Ltd
308 Tanglin Road 
Singapore 247974

Nearest MRT station: 


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