Eyemazing 101 by Jun Komori review

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

eyemazing 101 jun komori

Hi lovelies, today I'm going to share about Eyemazing 101 eyelashes by Japanese TV star and fashion model, Jun Komori.

eyemazing no 101 produced by jun komori natural black

eyemazing no 101 produced by jun komori natural black 1

Jun Komori produced 3 types of eyelashes under the Eyemazing brand, namely no. 101, 102 and 103.

eyemazing komori 101 102 103

Eyemazing 101

Black Base with natural black lashes for intellectual beauty! It has more lashes near the end of the at the eye a beautiful shadow due to the gradation of Natural Black lashes towards the end of lashes.

Eyemazing 102

I was unable to find any English translation for Eyemazing 102 's description, here's my thoughts on it just by looking at the picture. Although it is very similiar to Eyemazing no. 101, unlike Eyemazing 101 which is denser at the end of the eye, it is denser in front (the area near your tear ducts).  

Eyemazing 103

Black base with natural brown lashes - evaluated as the No. 1 eyelash! Very natural and soft look created with gradation begin at the half the width for a beautiful completion. Eyelashes become gradully darker from the inner corner to the tail of the eye. 
Here's a couple of pictures of me wearing Eyemazing 101 lashes.

eyemazing no 101 natural black produced by jun komori when worn
Eyemazing 101 when worn

And here's me trying to impersonate Jun Komori 's sultry eye look. Failed attempt, I know!

eyemazing no 101 natural black produced by jun komori  2 when worn
Impersonating Jun Komori

eyemazing no 101 natural black produced by jun komori when worn  1

eyemazing no 101 natural black produced by jun komori  2 when worn close up with eyes closed and eyes opened
Close up of Eyemazing 101 when worn

My thoughts:

In case you are wondering, I only had liquid eyeliner, kohl eyeliner and drew my brows apart from wearing Eyemazing 101 lashes for eye makeup!

If you look at the 2nd picture, you would probably notice a bit of shadow at the end of my eye on both upper eyelid and lower eyelid. Guess what? Its not because I had eye shadow on but its because of Eyemazing 101 lashes! Isn't it awesome? Yet another way to lessen the time spent on doing my eye makeup for larger and brighter eyes! I don't know about you but because I have got small eyes, I do notice a huge difference in terms of my eyes appearing larger, brighter and even the shape of my eye changes when I have got my double eyelid tape or false lashes (or both) on. In the past when I haven't really experiment with makeup that much, I really wanted double eyelid surgery because I have small, hooded or folded eyelids and in our society, big and round eyes are considered as feminine and beautiful. But now, I can fake big eyes with double eyelid tape and false lashes! I can have big eyes without surgery!

Okay, enough of digressing, you see I get excited too easily. Eyemazing 101 lashes are very easy to wear. After snipping off about 5mm off each side at the front, it took me only one try to get it on perfectly! I think it might be because the lash band is very sturdy. Eyemazing 101 lashes are very comfortable to wear. Throughout the 6-7 hours that I had it on, I did not experience any discomfort or irritation. Plus, Eyemazing lashes gives me a bit of volume yet still look natural, not over the top. What's more - the lashes feel quite soft too - this is important to someone like me whom blinks quite a fair bit because you wouldn't want your false lashes to hurt the sensitive skin below your eyes.


- For easier application, apply eyelashes from the outer corner of the eye inwards.

- To soften eyelash band, wrap both ends of the eyelashes around your finger gently. I like to do this so that the eyelash band will be more 'curved' and I find it easier to put it on this way.

- For clean and thorough removal, wet lashes with warm water before removing, remove any excess adhesive from the band of the lashes with a tweezer carefully, dry it and put it in the eyelash box.   

I hope you like this post! Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, just comment and I will get back to you asap.


Price list:

Eyemazing no. 101 retails at $23.90

Disclaimer: Product featured was sent to me for review purposes but the above-mentioned consists of my honest opinion as always!
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