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Sunday, April 28, 2013

loysels toy cafe singapore review

As the city lights gets brighter and roads get busier, we city dwellers submerge our heads in work be it working or studying. We rejoice as weekends draw nearer and let out silent sighs with a heavy heart on Sundays knowing that we have to head back to reality after our short escapade. Now tell me, wouldn't you want to make full use of our weekends to chill and maybe catch up with a friend or two?

Sometime ago, I was over at Loysel's Toy on a weekend catching up with my lecturer together with a friend.

Tucked away at a quiet corner, about 5 minutes' drive from Lavender MRT station, Loysel's Toy cafe at Kampong Bugis by Papa Palheta Coffee has the best coffee in Singapore according to my lecturer. It is outdoor seating over at Loysel's Toy cafe but rest assure that there's ample shade. We thought that we would be breaking out in perspiration but thank God that it was quite windy that afternoon. 

No points for guessing who ordered the latte below.

loysels toy
Cafe latte

Without even flipping through the menu, my lecturer ordered cafe latte. According to him, Loysel's Toy serves very good coffee. 

My friend and I share a pot of Earl grey tea with lavender.

loysels toy 1
Earl grey tea with lavender

Look at the huge massive amount of food we ordered for afternoon tea.  

loysels toy 5
Egg mayo bruschetta

If you haven't already know, I love bruschetta - be it homemade or from Pastamania. Unlike the usual Italian bruschetta with tomato, onions, capsicum and basil, the ones that Loysel's Toy Cafe serves are topped with egg mayonnaise instead with alfalfa. 

loysels toy 2

loysels toy 3
Pancake with blueberries and strawberries

The pancakes from Loysel's Toy are really good, very fluffy! They more white in color rather than the usual yellow that you see in pancakes.

For desserts, we had lemon tart - picked by our lecturer. 

loysels toy 4
Lemon tart

In the same building itself, there's a ukuele shop selling super unique ukueles (think watermelon shaped ones)! You can also learn ukuele there, they do offer ukuele courses there. At another level, they have got rock climbing facilities and even an outdoor dining on the other plus childcare! 

After a long chat, we walked over to Kallang Riverside Park which is just a stone throw from Loysel's Toy cafe.  

loysels toy 6
Kallang Riverside Park

loysels toy 7

In terms of location wise, its not that convenient to visit Loysel's Toy if you are not driving but other than that, I think its worth checking out the place especially if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Loysel's Toy
66 Kampong Bugis  
#01-01 Sam Tat Building, 
Singapore 338987

+65 9451 0236

Nearest MRT station: Lavender

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