Blisshouse review

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

blisshouse theme restaurant review
Blisshouse Singapore

Thanks to Streetdirectory for holding its Bloggers Party at Blisshouse themed restaurant at The Central, I got to check out the place as well as try the food and drinks they serve in-house. There is no doubt that most girls will be swooned by its girly, romantic yet simple exterior and interior decor. If you are into themed cafes/restaurants like me, I'm sure that Blisshouse Theme Restaurant  will remind you of a cafe with a similiar theme - Fullhouse Singapore that was in Singapore not too long ago.

blisshouse theme restaurant review 1

One of the activities that we had that night at Streetdirectory Bloggers Party was - making our very own beaded handmade bracelet! 

blisshouse theme restaurant review 2
Beaded Handmade Bracelet in the making!

I can't remember when was the last time that I last did beading. I think it was 5 or 6 years ago when I started my brainchild, AmberJewels. Speaking of that, time really flies, no? 

What's an event without food? After all, food brings people together. 

blisshouse theme restaurant review 3

Although we only managed to try the tapas this time round, Blisshouse Theme Restaurant doesn't just serve tapas alone, they have got main course, desserts and alcoholic drinks as well! Check out Blisshouse Theme Restaurant menu for more information!

Did I mention how pretty, girly and romantic Blisshouse Theme Restaurant is? I think its perfect for hen's night, solemnization, 21st birthday party or birthdays in general, dates and even girls' night out! 

Blisshouse is so pretty that I can't help but to snap a picture after another.

blisshouse theme restaurant review 4
Pretty white roses which depicts purity and innocence

blisshouse theme restaurant review 5
Love the Victorian style velvet sofas!

blisshouse theme restaurant review 6
Doesn't this remind you of bridges in gardens/parks?

blisshouse theme restaurant review 9
Entrance/exit of Blisshouse

Apart from the common dining area, Blisshouse have got a few private rooms. We were hosted in one of the private rooms. Let me take you on a virtual tour to show you how it looks like from the inside. 

blisshouse theme restaurant review 10

blisshouse theme restaurant review 12

This set of white fixture as well as the accessories and displays are so European-style and commonly seen in Korean dramas in Korean homes. If anything on the shelves catches your fancy, you can actually bring them home because they are for sale! Don't we love this dining cum shopping (2-in-1) concept? 

If you're into paintings, you will appreciate that Blisshouse has got quite a few paintings in its premises. The first one below is my favourite! 

blisshouse theme restaurant review 13

blisshouse theme restaurant review 11

blisshouse theme restaurant review 18

If paintings aren't quite your cup of tea, what about some good old music on a gramophone?

blisshouse theme restaurant review 14
Vintage gramophone

Or maybe a classical piece like Pachelbel - Canon In D on a white grand piano?

blisshouse theme restaurant review 15

If that wasn't fairytale-like enough, we all know almost all fairytale ends with a happy ending - of which most of them say, "The prince and the princess got married and lived together happily ever after". 

What's a wedding without a gown?  

blisshouse theme restaurant review 17

I was told that these wedding gowns in Blisshouse are designed by a local designer! Time to show some support for our own local designers.

If you are the crafty type and that I meant - into handicrafts, not underhand means that crafty. Pun intended! On Sundays, there is Jewellery making course at Blisshouse itself!

blisshouse theme restaurant review 16

Blisshouse Theme Restaurant
The Central #03-21, 
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, 

I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading. 

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