Escada Cherry in the air Eau de Toilette review

Saturday, March 23, 2013

escada cherry in the air
Escada Cherry in the air Eau de Toilette
escada cherry in the air 1 

Top notes:

Black cherry, juicy raspberry, mandarin

Heart notes:

Gardenia, coconut orchid, vanilla, marshmallow

Base notes:

Sandalwood, oak, musks and accord

My thoughts:

When I first received Escada Cherry in the air, I was like, "Wow". I have never been so impressed by the packaging of any other perfumes prior to this. The illustration is so pretty, girly and cheerful which makes me feel carefree.

The bottle itself is more sleek and less impressive compared to the cardboard packaging but the cherry bow ring made up for it.

escada cherry in the air ring
Escada Cherry in the air cherry bow ring

Escada Cherry in the air is my first Escada fragrance but its definitely not gonna be the last for sure. 

The scent can be a bit strong in the beginning and it takes a while getting used to it. I would say that its Escada Cherry in the air is one perfume that I grew to love more and more overtime. Its quite sweet but it doesn't smell too young. I think that someone in her twenties will like this fragrance. 

Escada Cherry in the air will make a perfect day scent or for that weekend date. In fact, I think its something that guys will like. So far, I have got my uncle as well as a few other guys including colleagues and friends asking me what perfume am I wearing whenever I have got Escada Cherry in the air on and they said it smells very pleasant!

The only grip I have is that it doesn't stay on very long and I probably have to get another few spritzs every 4-5 hours or so.  

Price list:

Eau de Toilette 100ml SGD 117
Eau de Toilette 50ml SGD 93
Eau de Toilette 30ml SGD 67

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