BSI: Beauty Scene Investigation - Shiseido Massbrands Event

Thursday, July 21, 2011

bsi beauty scene investigation

A series of murders have occured in Beauty County. Join Detective Patricia as she unravel the mystery of these killings.

Here is the map of Beauty County.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 1

Most of the products are killed due to reasons such as:

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 2

There are 6 crime scenes in total as shown below that involves products such as shampoo, foundation, skincare products, powder foundations etc.

Click to enlarge!

I like the fact that they put in so much effort to make the crime scene look so real. It made me wanna watch CSI all over again, especially the Miami one. It looked almost like the CSI: The Experience which I went with M earlier last year, if not even better! I love CSI! Ah, I'm saying as though as I wasn't already a big fan of CSI.

Guess who are the survivors?

The survivors are of course... the Shiseido products! And guess where are they hiding at? They are hiding at a very safe place which is the Beauty Room.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 4

Here they are tucked away safely and neatly.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 5

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 6

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 7

They include products from Tsubaki, Aqualabel, Majolica Majorca and ZA.

Did you spot the Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheeks? They are so adorable that I got 2 of them in Peach and Apricot Macaron earlier this year.

Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek in Peach Macaron is one of my everyday to-go blusher. It looks like rose gold, quite similar to Benefit's Coralista as well as Majolica Majorca Powder Blush in RD255.

Unlike the crime scenes, the Beauty Room is very dainty and girly. They have got floral wallpaper and very intricate details such as pretty bows, rose petals in their visual merchandising. Check out the pictures below and you will get what I mean.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 8

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 9

I love that oversized lace bow on Za Everbrow. Did you see that cutesy bow on Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo? And, the Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo and conditioner has got skirt and pants on! So cute right? (:

I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for cute stuffs! They are so good at decorating stuffs. How I wish I could be half as good at it.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 10

Girly doll house that sure brought back some fond childhood memories.

More pictures of the products as laid out in the Beauty Room. I got so carried away that I couldn't stop snapping pictures. Everyone loves pretty things so I thought I would share these pretty visuals with you girls!

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 11

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 12

After that, Roxanne handed us our goodie bag.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 14

We were also given stickers (of our choice).

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 13

I chose the bows ones of course because they are my favourite! I just can't get enough of them, can you?

You must be thinking, "What are the stickers for?"

It is to customize our foundation case! Gone are the days where we have to whip out that plain old boring looking compact case and try to cover it with our hands.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 15

It reminds me so much of scrapbooking! I used to like scrapbooking but I stop for a while because it is an expensive hobby.

And guess what? Turns out that it ain't that easy to decorate the foundation casing after all! I kept visualizing how it would turn out in my head but I had to reposition the stickers a few times through trial and error before deciding the final position to stick them on.

Presenting to you... the before and after of my Za Skin Beauty 2-Way Foundation case. My Twitter followers would probably have seen it but I'm posting it here because not all my blog readers follow me on Twitter.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 16

After we were done customizing our foundation case, we took a cab down to Empire State over at iluma for dinner.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 17
Love the cheeky monkey mascot!

Here is we had for dinner!

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 18

I was having a very bad cough then so I asked for earl grey tea. For starters, we had wild mushroom soup which was thick and good. For the main, I had breaded fish. The portion is really huge! So huge that I could only finish half of my fish and mashed potato. Don't get me wrong, the food ain't bad at all. I think 2 mains would probably be enough to feed 3 people. The best part was - the chocolate fudge brownie with ice-cream. I could have finish the whole thing by myself if not for the fact that I was down with cough and sore throat. I will definitely go back to Empire State again and you girls should know what is the first item that I am gonna order. Yes! Its the chocolate fudge brownie with ice cream!

Oh yes, I talked to the Empire State manager and he told me that Empire State is opening a new branch over at Causeway Point in August. Yays! Good food can now be found a little bit closer to home. And I know most of you have this burning question in your hearts, "So tell me, is Empire State affiliated with New York, New York?" Well, the answer is no. It is not according to the Empire State manager. He says that most people would mistake them as being affiliated because they are both American restaurants and have huge servings.

While we were tucking in, Shiseido make up artist start to work his magic on Roxanne.

Here he is introducing Za Concealer Perfection.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 19

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 20

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 21

I apologise for the lack of the pictures during the demostration but I was busy taking down notes on my iPhone so that I could share the tips that Wilson gave with you all.


For applying concealer/powder

1) Use ring finger to apply concealer with patting motion
2) You could use concealer as eye primer
3) Dab powder on top of concealer gently
4) Starting from cheek area, apply powder
5) Important: Don't forget to apply powder on your hairline!

For drawing eyebrows

1) Starting from the inside of your brows, it should look Light - Medium - Dark
2) The inner of your brows should be 90° to the side of your nose
3) Your brows should end at 45° to the side of your nose
4) The distance between your eyebrows should be the length of one of your eye or 2 fingers spacing (your own fingers)

For eyeshadow

1) Choose one light and one dark color for contrast
2) Blend well so that it doesn't look messy
3) Work from outside to inside for lower eye so that it won't be messy

For blusher

1) Make sure that you apply your blusher in a straight line
2) Daytime look: Darker - Lighter from the end of your nose to nose bridge
3) Night time look: Lighter - Darker from the end of your nose to nose bridge

For lips

1) Smile when you apply lipstick or gloss.

REMEMBER!! Only emphasize one point at a time. Choose either to play up your eyes or lips and not both at the same time because it would be too over.

In the photo below, Wilson is tightlining Roxanne's eyes.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 22

What is tightlining?

It is an eyeliner technique where the liner is applied to the lash line instead of outside of it. It can emphasize your eyes without looking overly made up.

To tightline the eye, apply the eyeliner right to the lash line. Gently pull your eyelid to expose the lash line (pull down on the lower lashes, up on the upper lashes). Apply liner into the lash line and just inside the eyelash line. You can push the liner down into the lash line or make tiny dots between the lashesapply your tightliners before any other eye makeup, otherwise it will smudge when you tug on your eyelids.

And here is Wilson applying mascara on Roxanne's eyes. Look at how long those fluttery eyelashes are!

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 23

Ta-dah! Presenting to you... Roxanne after the makeover!

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 24

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 25
So pretty right? I love her eyes, she has got big and pretty eyes!

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 26
Lovely Samantha & I

She was the one whom invited me to BSI. Did I mentioned that she has got the most amazing eyebrows? She's really good at drawing them!

And a group picture with the Shiseido staffs.

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 27
Min Sin (Forumer), Roxanne, Yanny, Samantha, Felicia, Me & Jermaine (Fellow Beauty Blogger)

There were some Shiseido products on display at a corner of Empire State, and how can I not take a few pictures of them? Try spotting the carriage and carousel! So princess-y! I like! (:

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 28

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 29

BSI Shiseido Masstige Event 30

To freshen your memory a little, here are the award-winning products from Shiseido!

1) Za Skin Beauty 2-Way Foundation
2) Za True White Plus 2-Way Foundation
3) Za Concealer Perfection
4) Za Everbrow
5) Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner
6) Majolica Majorca Lash Beautifying Mascara Frame Plus
7) Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes
8) Aqualabel White Clear Foam
9) Tsubaki Damage Care Range

I don't normally include photos of press releases but this one was too pretty and visually appealing not to.

I didn't resize them to my usual 375 x 500px so that it would be easier for you all to read.



This is the very first two-way foundation that I own way back when I was 16. I remember that my mom got it for me before my prom night.


This sounds so tempting! Feel like getting this when I run out of powder.


This is the first concealer that I own back when I was 17 or 18. I was a vain kid and I couldn't stand the sight of any pimples on my face back then.


Samantha says that this is really good. Am gonna try it out soon and tell you girls whether it lives up to being the no. 1 best selling eyebrow pencil.


I never really liked liquid eyeliner until a year ago because I have hidden double eyelids so even if I were to draw thick eyeliner, it can't be seen unless I use double eyelid tape.

So far, I have tried out Hourglass calligraphy liquid eyeliner and Kate Super Sharp Liner so I am curious to know if Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner would perform better or be on par with the other two.


I have heard so much ravings on Majolica Majorca mascaras. The usual ones would be that it lengthens really well but its a little tough to remove it.

I haven't tried it personally so I can't comment much but I will prove that in one of my future entries as to if it is true.


Even before this event, I own Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes in PK 785 (as shown on the top left-hand side in the picture below).

It is one of my most frequently used palette. Of all 4 colors, I love the highlight shade as it brightens up the area below my brow bone as well as the brown shade which open up my eyes and gives a soft look.


When Roxanne was introducing this Aqualabel White Clear Foam, I was thinking at the back of my head that I would purchase this right after I run out of cleansers and I was so glad when I realized that they included it in our goodie bag!


I'm quite a fuss-free person when it comes to my hair. I normally shampoo it and use a hair mask every other day. In case you are wondering, I have thick and frizzy long black hair. When I tried out the Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo and conditioner for the first time, I really like it as it makes my hair smoother. I could comb through my hair right after showering while it is still wet.

PROMOTION Period: 28 July - 24 August
(Za, Majolica Majorca, Aqualabel and Tsubaki)



And, Za do offer facials, eyebrow shaping and makeovers!


Special thanks to Samantha for the invitation as well as Felicia, Yanny, Roxanne for having us there. I had so much fun and it was nice to meet fellow bloggers such as Roseanne, Xinyi, Jermaine and Min Sin (Forumer).

That's all for today. I hope you like this post. Thanks for reading!


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