Saturday, January 16, 2010

Has anyone watched My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding Season 1? I was lucky to catch it on Channel 5 this morning. Well, its about Lisa and Steve making wedding arrangements. Steve is a real estate tycoon and you should see his wheels. They were like omg. FAST! Now, that's what I really call a luxurious car unlike some SUVs. -.-" Anyway, I couldnt find a video to show you guys but just read the synopsis I found below yea? Its everything extravagant. Think disney princess wedding gown, pearls and diamonds, a whole lot of flowers and matchsticks that says Lisa and Steve, the perfect match. They had candies and cigars for their wedding and ice sculptures where the champagne flow down from and it has their initials on it. Its definitely everything more than my dream wedding. I liked the fact that even though Steve doesnt see eye to eye with Lisa on spending money on things that he thinks that it aint worthwhile, but he gave Lisa the green light upon knowing that she would be happy. That aside, Lisa is really one woman whom wants everything.

"Living down the street from Rob Lowe and Oprah, Lisa and Steve definitely have a taste for life's finest pleasures. Steve, a divorced real estate tycoon, wants to give his second bride the wedding of her dreams. But his original $200,000 budget quickly triples as Lisa starts getting everything she wants.

Dropping $180,000 on wedding jewels, $30,000 on super-luxe invitations, and $10,000 on a Monique Lhuillier gown, their Beverly Hills wedding is growing much bigger than they ever imagined...and may end up breaking this millionaire's budget."

Pictures of Lisa, I cant find any of Steve's though.

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